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1. adjective Consecutive and in quick succession; one after another. The team secured back-to-back victories this afternoon, thanks to their fantastic goalkeeper.
2. adjective Of houses, built so that the back gardens or terraces of two houses are conjoined and then bisected by a partitioning wall or small alley. Primarily heard in UK. We were worried that our new back-to-back house wouldn't offer as much privacy, but our terrace is completely our own.
3. adverb Done or occurring consecutively and in quick succession. They're going to show the two films back-to-back this afternoon.
4. noun A house with back-to-back gardens or terraces. Primarily heard in UK. The new housing estate is going to be made up entirely of back-to-backs.

back to back

1. With backs close together or touching, as in In the first and second rows of the bus, the seats were back to back, an unusual arrangement. This term also can be applied to persons who stand facing in opposite directions and with their backs touching. [Mid-1800s]
2. Consecutively, one after another, as in I'm exhausted; I had three meetings back to back. [Mid-1900s]
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ˌback to ˈback

1 if two people stand back to back, they stand with their backs facing or touching each other
2 if two or more things happen back to back, they happen one after the other: back-to-back victories/successes
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back to back

Consecutively and without interruption: presented three speeches back to back.
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I always remember Eoin Kelly, he won a Fitzgibbon Cup and all he wanted was to put one back to back.
This black CAT5E VERICOM UTP 24 Port Patch Panel with back to back RJ-45 connectors is made of high quality black metal and includes blanks above each port for ease in labeling.
George Saunders fought against prejudice and hardship to set himself up as one of Birmingham's best-known tailors and the last trader to leave the city's famous back to backs.
Dr Miriam says: I have to reassure you that the back to back position of the baby is not abnormal.
Like the terraced house that steadily replaced it, the back to back house was a 19th-century response to a specific housing need.
Visitors are now able to discover the stories of the ordinary people who lived and worked in Back to Back houses and helped make Birmingham a city of a thousand trades.
20), which came back to back during a five-run fifth.
Bavaria TRR benefits from back to back total rate of return swaps on each individual asset purchased.
Birmingham's inner-city communities were once packed with similar styles of housing, constructed back to back around courtyards for working class families in the 19th century.
Newbold made out twice before going back to back to earn the title.
And, if the Cincinnati Reds hit back to back home runs in the fifth inning, that lucky contestant is $10,000 richer
Two commercials that ran back to back, for E-Trade and Motorola, riffed on the same joke - a guy using new technology to instantly dump stock - though E-Trade did it better.
Receive Both Customer Satisfaction Awards in Back to Back Years