back onto

back onto (something)

1. To move or maneuver something backwards onto something else. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "back" and "onto." Ugh, I can't believe I backed my car onto the lawn. Oops, I didn't mean to back my chair onto your coat.
2. To move backwards and strike something in the process. Did I really back onto the lawn? Whoops!
See also: back

back someone or something onto someone or something

to guide or move someone or something backwards onto someone or something. I backed the car onto the flowers accidentally. Using hand signals, the mechanic helped the driver back the car onto the ramp.
See also: back

back onto someone or something

to go backwards, moving or rolling onto someone or something. The motorcycle backed onto my toe. Don't back onto anything as you go down the driveway!
See also: back
References in classic literature ?
He crept back onto his throne like a whipped dog, and lay there bitterly bemoaning his defeat.
Enough or not enough, we must make it do," said Matvey, slamming the carriage door and stepping back onto the steps.
RACING CALENDARHowever, the government and Kenya Motorsports Federation (KMSF) have launched an aggressive bid to have the rally back onto the global racing calendar by 2020, with Sh250 million voted to drive this project.
Summary: Dozens of Electricite du Liban contract workers Tuesday morning protested the ongoing late payment of their wages, briefly blocking Corniche al-Nahr road before being pushed back onto the sidewalk by security forces.
In the jaw-dropping footage, the pushchair was clipped by one of the containers on the train, before then bouncing back onto the platform.
August 4 (ANI): United States President Donald Trump is all set to step back onto the campaign trail in West Virginia and would use the campaign rally to make a "very big announcement.
The detour route takes northbound drivers onto Winslow-Westerfield Road, Maronan Road, Melcombe St, Lagmhor Road, then back onto the highway.
The man sprung to the rescue and hauled him back onto the platform, whilst other commuters alerted the emergency services.
Summary: While trying to hide the phone in the ceiling of his classroom, he fell back onto the seats and then to the ground.
The sidewalk appeared to have been cleared at one point, but mounds of snow appeared to have been pushed back onto the pavement.
Then pry the tire bead back onto the wheel and reinflate (Photo 3).
New figures obtained by the Irish Daily Mirror show that thousands of evil pushers have been caught selling drugs after the courts released them back onto our streets.
Jason Aldridge, director of Arrowsmith Engineering, said the firm had "just got back onto its feet" and had started to see a marked improvement in the last six months.
Those listed within the international trade category emphasise the region's contribution to the export drive that is essential to lifting the United Kingdom's economy back onto its feet.
Summary: China has launched a 10-day emergency crackdown on tainted milk products after several were found creeping back onto the market.