back onto

back someone or something onto someone or something

to guide or move someone or something backwards onto someone or something. I backed the car onto the flowers accidentally. Using hand signals, the mechanic helped the driver back the car onto the ramp.
See also: back

back onto someone or something

to go backwards, moving or rolling onto someone or something. The motorcycle backed onto my toe. Don't back onto anything as you go down the driveway!
See also: back
References in classic literature ?
He crept back onto his throne like a whipped dog, and lay there bitterly bemoaning his defeat.
Enough or not enough, we must make it do," said Matvey, slamming the carriage door and stepping back onto the steps.
The convoy will then turn back onto Newcomen Terrace and Majuba Road before ending their journey at Kirkleatham Hall at 1.
The Highways Agency said most of the work would be carried out from 10pm to 6am to minimise disruption, although a 40mph speed limit will be in place and eastbound A45 traffic will be diverted off and back onto the A45.
Ali Walleed, of Hellier Street, was told by a judge at Wolverhampton Crown Court that he posed a real danger to women and would only be allowed back onto the streets when the authorities deemed him to be safe.
The butterflies raised in Moorpark will be released back onto the Palos Verdes Peninsula where they come from and where they can find their favorite foods in the wild, she said.
NVP has until Friday to deposit $75 million or Varig will go back onto the auction block.
Unlike fixed-frame unloaders that require sufficient headroom above the top of the frame to clear the load-backrest of a forklift, the Split Frame Unloader allows the upper frame to be forklifted onto the plant floor, loaded with a bulk bag and then forklifted back onto the subframe within several inches/centimeters of the ceiling.
Exit 1-5 South at Terwilliger Boulevard, exit 297, staying in the right lane, which will circle back onto Terwilliger Boulevard.
So when you reinstall the air filter cap, make sure you push the air duct hose back onto the air inlet.
Michael Schumacher is confident of putting Ferrari's worst display for a long time behind him and getting back onto the podium at the team's Monza home circuit on Sunday.
Poised above the scenic lookout on Callander Bay, the meeting facilities at Terrace Suites will have full-height and full-width windows that back onto the newly sodded fairway and greens.
The current attacks on urban centers are part of a corrective strategy to drive perhaps two million people back onto the land.
That's why time-travel theorists have proposed that regions of space-time might naturally, or by human intervention, be made to curve back onto themselves.
The Marines of MALS-29 hoisted a vintage UH-34 Seahorse back onto its pedestal at the front gate of MCAS New River, N.