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*back (some place)

returned to some place; at some place again. (*Typically: be ~; get ~; arrive ~.) I can't wait till we get back home. When will we get back? Is it much farther?


(at someone) repaying someone for a bad deed. (*Typically: get ~; have ~.) Tom called me a jerk, but I'll get back at him. I don't know how I'll get back for her insult, but I will.


n. one’s support or second in a fight. (From back-up.) I need a back I can depend on.
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In this case, the student needs to retrain the internal muscles that will keep him upright, and the tube will help support the skeletal frame while the abdominal and back muscles are becoming more conditioned.
The QB is now running the Speed Option with the backside running back or a slot wide receiver who has come in motion or has begun from a shortened split (Diags.
Gilbert Paliza returned in early January to the United States and spent several weeks at Fort Lewis before flying back home to Southern California.
Benefits & Cautions This pose tones and strengthens the back and abdomen to create space in the side ribs and chest, leading to freer breathing, and lengthens the gluteus muscles.
Bowman was based on the Supreme Court's 1946 decision in Nierotko, which held that to determine Social Security benefits' eligibility and amounts, back pay should be allocated to the year in which the wages would have been paid but for the employer's wrongful conduct.
Corporations that incurred significant MSBT liabilities in tax years open under the statutes of limitations and that added back such taxes in computing their state tax base should closely review the statutory language to determine whether the MSBT is among the taxes required to be added back to Federal taxable income.
The second strategy relates to the way in which the employee perceives his or her back pain.
The use of this software insures the smooth transition of back office operations, should clients decide to bring the operation back "in-house" in the future.
Making manufacturers responsible for taking back packaging has had some of the effects environmentalists wanted.
There has been an enormous growth of interest in disabling back pain in recent years.
Many football historians agree that the shotgun formation dates back to 1960 when the San Francisco 49ers, with their third-string quarterback, Bob Waters, at the helm, used it to score a huge upset against the Baltimore Colts.
Looking ahead: Dunleavy liked Ross enough to bring him back, and the coach likely will play him when Kittles is sidelined.
Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet "standing" i.
Next to the foot and ankle, the back is the sore spot for dancers.
These amounts typically included back pay and other damages allowed under the particular discrimination statutes.