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bachelor party

A party thrown by the male friends of a soon-to-be groom. Jonathan didn't want a crazy bachelor party, so he and his friends went out for a few quiet drinks.
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son of a gun

1. A mean or unpleasant man. Julie's ex-husband was such a mean son of a gun, it's no wonder she divorced him.
2. An emphatic expression of affection for a man one considers daring, mischievous, or tough. That son of a gun really pulled through for us when we needed him!
3. An inanimate object that is problematic. My car broke down, and I can't figure out how to fix the son of a gun!
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a confirmed bachelor

A euphemism for a homosexual man. Nellie, you do know that Jim is a confirmed bachelor, right? That's why he's not responding to your advances.
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son of a gun

 and son of a bachelor
a worthless person. (A substitute for son of a bitch.) That tightfisted son of a gun won't buy me a beer. He can be a real son of a bachelor when he's in a bad mood.
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confirmed bachelor

a male homosexual. euphemistic
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son of a gun

a humorous or affectionate way of addressing or referring to someone. informal
The term arose with reference to the guns carried on board ships: it is said to have been originally applied to babies born at sea by women accompanying their husbands.
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son of a gun

1. n. a despicable person, usually a male. (Euphemistic for son of a bitch.) If that son of a gun thinks he can boss me around like that, he’s got another think coming.
2. n. old buddy. I went to school with this son of a gun! He’s my old buddy.
3. exclam. I am totally surprised!; I am shocked! (Usually Son of a gun!) The thing just blew up! Son of a gun!
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