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babysit for someone

 and babysit (with) someone 
1. to attend and care for a child for a period of time. I'm looking for someone to babysit for my cousin. Will you babysit with my cousin?
2. to attend and care for a child for someone for a short period of time. Would you mind babysitting Roger for me for a few minutes? Sure, I will babysit for you.
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Rachel's mum Debbie Jones, 34, said: "Nicola agreed to babysit Josh as a favour and Rachel popped in for a couple of hours to give her a hand.
Also say that you love the kids, but cannot babysit so much.
The singer, now a DJ after JLS announced plans to split, said: "I don't think I'll let the rest of JLS babysit yet.
Marvin, 28, said: "Both my parents are helping to babysit.
But she stoops to a new low when she cuts a line in front of a shocked Roz as they babysit.
The results were magical: with larger reserves of coupons couples became more willing to go out, making opportunities to babysit more plentiful, making couples even more willing to go out, and so on.
I used to babysit in some very well-to-do people's houses, and I cannot tell you the joy of hearing the front door click shut when the parents went out, after the "well you've got the number if you need anything" conversation.
Girl Scouts are advised to ask the parents for whom they babysit to unload and lock-up their guns.
Many of our readers -- both boys and girls -- babysit on a regular basis.
It seems to be commonly accepted in Alberta that children should be about twelve before they babysit, but this is a matter of custom and community practice and not law.
On weekends I babysit for the children of neighboring families," she says almost apologetically.
The events center around the popular children s books How to Babysit a Grandma and How to Babysit a Grandpa by Jean Reagan; Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak; Curious George by H.
Set on a scrappy housing estate, 15-year-old Marie is asked by a neighbour to babysit his son, six, who dies from seemingly natural causes while under her care.
Washington, Apr 20 ( ANI ): Julia Roberts has offered to babysit for newly engaged couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie as a wedding present.