baby boomer

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baby boomer

An American person born during the "baby boom" following World War II, between the years of 1945 and 1965, during which the population of the United States increased by 40 percent. Typically used to describe members of this generation, who have been associated with economic prosperity, consumerism, self-indulgence. Primarily heard in US. Since baby boomers represent such a large percentage of the population, financial experts are concerned about the impact their retirement will have on the economy.
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a ˈbaby boomer

(American English also a ˈboomer) a person born during a period when many more babies are born than usual (called a baby boom), especially after the Second World War: The new President was a baby boomer, born in the 1950s.
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(baby) boomer

n. someone born during the baby boom—from the last years of World War II until the early 1960s. When the baby boomers get around to saving up for retirement, you’re going to see a lot of investment scams.
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More millennial small-business owners think a written disaster recovery plan is absolutely essential to their business than Generation Xers and baby boomers.
While workforce participation drops off dramatically after age 60, previous Gallup research indicates that nearly half of baby boomers still working say they don't expect to retire until they are 66 or older, including one in 10 who predict they will never retire.
Many baby boomers are also having trouble retiring, Davis says, because their spending was focused on immediate needs.
The behavior of recent retirees suggests a trend that baby boomers will likely follow.
Finally, due to the relatively small size of the Gen-X compared to the baby boomers (46 million versus 77 million), demand outstrips supply for skilled professionals.
So, we created this theme issue about the impact of the Baby Boomer on long term care to help you prepare.
This idea of replacing the post but not the role is not confined to generation: for exa mple, Bill Fletcher, a baby boomer himself, is a well-known labor leader who is now head of TransAfrica.
As a card-carrying baby boomer - 16 in 1969 - I tapped my toe to "Feel a Whole Lot Better," then became uneasy.
While interviewing another guest, Jann Wenner of Rolling Stone, Donaldson asserted that Bonfire of the Vanities captured the baby boomer perfectly, "the type that says, |I'm gonna get mine, I know how to do it, and I can beat these old fogies.
The average baby boomer begins retirement planning at age 41, although 70% of the CPAs polled recommend that retirement planning begin before 30.
The same phenomenon is observed with group pension plans, 44 per cent of millennial business owners have set up a group pension plan for their employees compared to 20 per cent of baby boomer owners.