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These are the babies made over the holiday season,'' she said, adding that the upsurge could also be attributed to some parents wanting to have millennium babies.
Studies by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development show that babies who die from SIDS are less likely to have been breast fed.
At Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Woodland Hills, doctors delivered three babies, said Lisa Kort, hospital spokeswoman.
We have a vision to be the best provider of all things baby and to help parents learn about new approaches to parenting such as ways to get the best baby photo, how to shop for a baby shower gift for someone you don't know so well or even debating which toys are better for babies, soft, traditional or electronic baby toys when it comes to their growth and early development.
The scientists found that the babies who died of SIDS had as few as half as many serotonin receptors as the others did.
Babies are beautiful whether they're male or female, and, let's face it, they don't look a whole lot different in the face till junior high, at least.
Stigmatizing terms, such as 'ice babies' and 'meth babies,' lack scientific validity and should not be used," said a group of nearly 100 physicians, researchers, and addiction specialists in an open letter to the news media released in late July.
Jasper chronicled several "survivors" who miraculously avoided the scalpel, poisons, and other diabolical methods used to kill babies in the womb--survivors such as Gianna Jessen, Sarah Smith, and Sarah Brown.
Babies who experience a change in caregivers or environment cling to the security of massage as a regular, familiar activity.
Dressing babies in organic cotton clothing has less to do with inspiring infant fashionistas and more to do with children receiving positive attention, says Lynda Fassa, co-owner of Green Babies.
Babies learn to take turns with games like "peek-a-boo"
Worst of all, my pregnancy quest had turned me into a baby-stalker who spent way too much time smiling at strangers' babies and staring longingly at children in their strollers.
After studying substance-exposed children, researchers now say that these babies can develop as well as non-exposed babies from the same socio-economic background.
Bathtubs and unattended babies are a deadly combination.