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back away

1. To move slowly and carefully away from something or someone. Kids, back away from the expensive vase! If you encounter a grizzly bear, back away slowly while talking in a normal tone.
2. To retreat on a particular idea or course of action. I think that Marie is backing away from the contract now. Management seems to be backing away from that initiative.
See also: away, back

bang away

To clumsily strike the keys of something, such as a computer or piano. How much longer will your little sister bang away on the piano tonight? I'm getting a headache from all that racket. I can hear my grandmother banging away on the computer right now.
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blow away

1. Of the wind, to blow someone or something away from its current location. Our trashcans were blown away in that bad storm, and we finally found them down the street in our neighbor's yard. I was almost blown away on my walk to the library because it's so windy out!
2. To thoroughly impress, overwhelm, or excite. In this usage, a noun can be used between "blow" and "away." The show of support from everyone just blew me away. I was blown away by how good that movie was!
3. slang To kill someone, especially with gunfire or an explosive device. Ray blew away the informant, just as the boss told him to.
4. To defeat an opponent easily and/or by a wide margin. In this usage, a noun can used between "blow" and "away." The final score was 17-1? Wow, we really blew that team away! I have a feeling the top-ranked team is just going to blow away any opponent they face.
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break away

1. Literally, to escape from physical restraints. The robber had tied me to a chair, but I was able to break away and flee the house. I had to chase my dog down the street after he broke away during our walk. Ultimately, she had to break away from her family and their dysfunctional ways in order to be healthy.
2. By extension, to move away or separate from someone or something. I'm starting to break away from the religious tradition I was raised in. That 10-game win streak really helped them to break away from the other teams in the conference.
3. To leave or stop a particular activity. I know you have to finish this paper, but can you break away for a bit and talk to your grandparents?
See also: away, break

carry away

1. To cause one to become overly engrossed in one's enthusiasm, excitement, etc., to the point of making an excessive display of it. A noun or pronoun can be used between "carry" and "away." Sorry to ramble for so long—the subject of art just carries me away!
2. To steal something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "carry" and "away." I think someone carried away our new porch furniture—it's nowhere in sight! Ethel forgot to put that expensive necklace in the safe, and one of the party guests carried it away.
3. To physically move someone or something away from a certain location. A noun or pronoun can be used between "carry" and "away." Luckily, the lifeguard was able to rescue Dan after the current carried him away.
See also: away, carry

cast away

1. To discard, dispose of, reject, or renounce something or someone. After the divorce, I cast away all mementos from my marriage that were still in the house. The new dictator immediately cast away everyone in the government, replacing them with his personal supporters. I cast away my faith in religion after my wife died.
2. To waste, misuse, or be frivolous with, as of money or resources. The CEO cast away the company's earnings on his own lavish lifestyle. The new director wanted to make an entirely different film, so all that time and work we put into the project have been cast away.
3. Of a ship or sailors, to shipwreck or maroon e.g. on a deserted island. The small fishing vessel, largely destroyed by the storm, was cast away on a tiny piece of land in the middle of the Pacific. The pirates cast away the crew in the lifeboats and made off with their ship and its contents.
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die away

To diminish or fade slowly. As the last notes of the national anthem died away, the players began skating around the ice.
See also: away, die

draw away

1. To move away from someone or something. I hugged my parents for as long as I could before the train whistle blew and we drew away from each other. As soon as I heard the buzzing bees, I drew away from the flowers.
2. To move someone or something away from someone or something else. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "draw" and "away." I drew my toddler away from the cat when I saw how vigorously she was petting it.
3. To pass one's fellow competitors, as in a race. I knew I had a chance to win the race when I drew away from the fastest girl in the heat.
4. To take the focus of a situation away from someone or something else. I can't believe my own sister got engaged a week before my wedding, totally drawing the attention away from me!
See also: away, draw

explain away

To try to minimize a problem or issue through explanation. A noun or pronoun can be used between "explain" and "away." He's trying to explain it away, but I know he lied to me. The question now is, why all the lying?
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right away

Immediately; at once; without delay. Right away, I could tell that the plan had no chance of success. Sarah's parents took to her new girlfriend right away.
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*away (from someone or something)

avoiding someone or something; maintaining a physical distance from someone or something. (*Typically: get ~; keep ~; stay~.) Please keep away from me if you have a cold. Stay away from the construction site, Timmy.


mod. in prison. (see also Are we away?.) My cousin is away for a year.
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From the Middle Ages to the mid-19th century, "European women also gave their children away with no more--it seems to me even less--reason" than Taiwanese did, Wolf holds.
Welling away (July 20), Stevenage away (July 24), Southend away (July 27), Torquay away (July 29), Plymouth away (July 31), Reading away (August 2), Crystal Palace away (August 5), Porto home (August 10).
Gene Ezersky, a member of the American Camping Association's Pioneers of Camping Club, passed away recently.
An estimated 100,000 children under 16 run away from home or care every year in the UK, including 4,700 in the West Midlands
The stakes are, of course, raised as soon as one makes a link between Walker and the wayward, a link she herself does not shy away from.
93-86 provided that, if employment away from home in a single location initially is realistically expected to last for one year or less, but at some later date the employment is realistically expected to exceed one year, it will be treated as temporary (in the absence of facts and circumstances indicating otherwise) until the date that the taxpayer's realistic expectation changes.
Aside from the perpetual tax code problems, however, giving away thousands, even millions, of dollars is (and ought to be) a serious affair.
Profit-sharing plans let you put away up to 15%, up to a total deductible contribution of $22,500.
Jonah "found a ship bound for Tarshish; he paid his fare and went aboard, to go with them to Tarshish, to get away from Yahweh" (Jon.
According to revenue ruling 93-86, if employment away from home is realistically expected to last (and does in fact last) for one year or less, the employment is treated as temporary and all related ordinary and necessary travel expenses are deductible.
Away to Leeds, St Helens, Huddersfield, Castleford.
IF ground advantage was caused by the crowd, the prospects of an away team would rise with the number of away supporters.
Here's their record: 1991 Cup Winners' Cup: 3-3 v Katowice (lost 2-0 away then won 3-1 at home).
ROVERS Utd Home Away Home AwayApr Home Away Home Away UNITED Away abb United can strike another significant blow in the title race by beating Steve Kean's men, but Ferguson is wary of Rovers.
There's no better way to 'fool' a deer out of your garden than to trigger their natural fear instinct, and Shake-Away products take advantage of this defense mechanism to keep deer away from your valuable plantings," said Bob Reynolds, Shake-Away, Inc.