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award to

To bestow something upon someone. A noun can be used between "award" and "to." Our boss awarded the promotion to Joel. The All-Star Game has been awarded to the city of Columbus.
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award something (to someone) (for something)

 and award (someone) something (for something)
to give a prize or reward to someone (for something). The committee awarded a plaque to Andy for his loyalty. They awarded prizes for efficiency to two different people.

award something to someone or something

[for a judge or other legal entity] to decide in favor of a person or group. The judge awarded the judgment to the plaintiff. The jury awarded a large sum to the smaller company.
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Sunstar Butler Pride Awards: Recognition is granted in four categories for the Pride Award including Business, Clinical, Education, and Military for dental assistants who have demonstrated loyalty to self as well as to the profession through hard work, motivation of others and enhancement of the career of dental assist ing on a state, local or national level.
org Deadline: 10/02/2006 Number awarded: The number NFAA ARTS awards varies each year.
Award winners have demonstrated the full range of planning and management skills--research, analysis, strategy, tactical implementation and evaluation.
The award is presented to pulp and paper or affiliate members for devoted service to a PIMA Division.
The Phoenix Award Executive Committee announced The Phoenix Award winners for 2005 for excellence in brownfield redevelopment.
Nechvatal Award, which recognizes the aviation ground maintenance officer who has made the most beneficial impact on command readiness and mission accomplishment during the previous year.
5 million award to $32 million, but an Oregon appellate court later reinstated the whole amount.
This award includes $4,000, a plaque and $500 for travel expenses incurred to attend the awards ceremony.
The Award honors groups, organizations, or individuals for their efforts to promote camping.
Veteran director Robert Altman, who's up for a Golden Globe award for ``Gosford Park,'' says awards shows ``help sell the pictures, and if the pictures become popular and become profitable, it makes it then a lot easier for me to do my next film.
Considered the most sought-after award in women's college basketball, the Sears/WBCA Women's Collegiate Basketball Trophy is handcrafted by Waterford Crystal in Ireland.
While the SBJPA cleared up some of the confusion surrounding the proper treatment of damage awards received under a variety of circumstances and issues, it may have also created new issues and conflicts.
The Small Business Job Protection Act (SBJPA) that President Clinton signed into law on August 20, 1996, includes rules regarding the Internal Revenue Code section 104 exclusion from income of awards received for injuries.
After concluding the "American Rule" insufficiently encouraged civil suits alleging constitutional violations, Congress enacted the Civil Rights Attorney's Fees Awards Act of 1976, 42 U.