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avert (something) (away) from

To distract or divert something from someone or something else. I will do my best to avert all attention away from you at the party, don't worry. I knew I wasn't meant to be a doctor when I had to avert my eyes from every blood draw.
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avert something (away) from someone or something

to turn or divert something away from someone or something. We will attempt to avert attention from the problems. She averted her eyes from Bill when he walked by.
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References in classic literature ?
Once that multitude of swords below is drawn against your soldiery no man upon Barsoom--not even Tardos Mors himself--can avert the consequences.
Thuvia turned the bow upward in an effort to avert the imminent tragedy, but she succeeded only in lessening the shock of the flier's impact as she struck the ground beside the Kaolian ship.
Our time has not yet come," Granet admitted, "but before long, unless diplomacy can avert it, fate will be knocking at our doors, too.
AVERT, which identifies and quantifies vulnerabilities through the simulation of threats on 3D facility and security systems models, supports consolidation with Autodesk's InfraWorks 360, which boosts BIM workflows by allowing project stakeholders to aggregate, publish, store, collaborate, and manage large models centrally.
1, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- ARES Security Corporation announces an advance in the integration of their AVERT solution with Autodesk's InfraWorks 360.
Political bickering over a deal to avert the fiscal cliff weighed on markets in a "relatively quiet session" before the Christmas holiday, said Jason Hughes, head of premium client management for IG Markets Singapore.
The officials of the game had to push the players of both the teams apart to avert clash.
Dr Julie Bernhardt, a physiotherapist and Avert programme director, said: " We have found that exercises, such as standing and walking, can be started very early - patients are not too tired and it appears safe.
Works Minister in charge of Electricity and Water Authority (EWA) Fahmi Al Jowder was instructed to submit an exhaustive report, detailing EWA proposals to tackle power cuts and avert potential recurrence.
Gordon says that increasing strategic demand response participation from the current two percent to about 10 percent, would give the city much better tools to avert selective power failures, and full-scale blackouts.
McAfee AVERT reports that BOTS, adware and spyware remain major concerns for consumers and enterprises worldwide, with a 12% increase in the number of new PUPs created in Q2 2005 from Q1 2005.
The AVERT (Anti-virus and Vulnerability Emergency Response Team) said that Bots and Mass Mailers remained the chosen method by virus writers to deliver their threats to businesses with Exploits and Adware accounting for 60% of attacks on household computers.
THE Government yesterday faced fresh calls to go back to the negotiating table to avert the threatened firefighters' strike.
c) Threshold number of cases averted in the first year above which the system is cost-beneficial, assuming the system does not avert any cases in subsequent years and continues to incur costs.
Table 1 Relationship of Number of Units of Contraceptive Method, Birth Averted and CYP (Seventh Five-Year Plan Figures) Equiva- lent Couple Number Adjust- Years Birth Units ment Protec- Averted Required Coeff- tion Equiva- to Avert icient (CYP) lent Method One Birth for CYP (C2xC3) per Year Condom 832.