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The Tenth Commandment forbids avarice arising from a passion of riches and their attendant power.
Avarice evokes the visual form of a virus, and is comprised of currency printed on blooms.
AVARICE He then told the pensioner, from Bo'ness, West Lothian, that he had invested the money, which she inherited from her millionaire farmer husband, poorly.
They must surely realise that a far greater threat to the wellbeing of ordinary people lurks closer to home; in the greed and avarice of the City.
Here is a story of naivete, ambition, duplicity, avarice, and poverty.
But, your so-called illegal foreigners would have reached the kingdom with appropriate documents and later became runaways due to the avarice of someone.
The publication of the government's energy bill contained lots of headline-friendly gestures aimed at protecting consumers from supplier avarice.
It is not known why the avowed avengers of corporate and feudal avarice might target a set of beasts whose only known sin is sloth.
Throughout the day 'Simon Cowell' and 'Cheryl Cole' made guest appearances and acted out sketches which related to greed, avarice and vanity.
Don't give your and telephone Letters may and are editor's He made some good points about the avarice of senior bankers and the over dependence of the UK on financial services.
Even the red ones, despite their aerodynamic flared ears and insatiable avarice for nuts.
He also reiterated that the avarice of bullying powers is the root cause of conflicts in the Middle East region.
He attributed the fathers' attitude to "greed and avarice.
Men saw lust and gluttony as their top failings and avarice as the least of their crimes.
Where religious jihad has failed, greed and avarice have succeeded.