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We are pleased that leading manufacturers such as MadCap avail oneself of these options, making an apparent value proposition to their customers.
Providing and choosing to avail oneself of that surgery makes one complicit in norms that are morally wrong, the critics argue.
To avail oneself of the inmate transfer treaty, the offender must have been sentenced and have completed or waived all appeals and collateral proceedings.
Given the difficulty of appraising the game in a more traditional fashion, it may pay to avail oneself of more unconventional assistance.
Pace Gary Caldwell, I doubt that many Quebecers want to go back to an earlier era and repudiate the widely shared social ideal that one's ability to avail oneself of the right to education should not depend upon one's standing in the market, or in civil society.
Browning, however, has chosen not to go that route; rather, the only way to avail oneself of the BOSS system is to buy a new Browning A-Bolt or BAR rifle.