avail of

avail yourself of something

to use something for your own benefit Many students avail themselves of government loan programs to help pay for college.
See also: avail, of

avail (oneself) of

To make use of.
See also: avail, of
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I am so thankful for the chance that I was able to avail of the free medical- surgical services, said Jesus Suabinga, a resident of Makilala who underwent thyroidectomy after 15 years.
Those who have received fines related to municipality violations, such as parking in municipality designated lots, cannot avail of the 50 per cent reduction during the next four months.
MUSCAT: The Philippine embassy has appealed to overstaying Overseas Filipinos Workers (OFWs) in Oman to avail of the amnesty programme being offered by the Omani government for expatriates with expired work permit to avoid penalties after the grace period.
He said all those who want to avail of the amnesty must first register with the Embassy who will be the one to submit the list to the Manpower Ministry for processing.
To avail of this free bet, simply pop into one of Ladbrokes' 208 shops nationwide.
Employees of Ladbrokes or their family members may not avail of this offer.
All LPG consumers of these 34 districts (as well as 20 districts covered earlier) are advised to obtain dhr number and provide them to their LPG distributors and to their banks if they wish to avail of the LPG subsidy.
cardholder, you can avail of your free EUR5 bet on any selection of your choice today
Non cardholders may avail of this free bet by signing up for an Odds On
Thus, for instance, in May over 5,000 customers were already able to avail of high-speed Internet access with the Multikabel network.
Of our 1,230,000 subscribers, some 30 per cent will now be equipped to avail of new products and services," states Jacques Hackenberg, Chairman of the Board of Management of PrimaCom AG.