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on automatic pilot

In an intuitive way without having to think about one's actions, generally because one has done something many times in the past. Also used in the shortened form, "on autopilot." By the second week of data entry, I could fill in the spreadsheets on automatic pilot. Making bottles, changing diapers, and putting the baby to sleep were all challenging at first, but now I feel like I'm doing it all on autopilot.
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on automatic pilot


on autopilot

COMMON If you are on automatic pilot or on autopilot, you are acting without thinking about what you are doing, usually because you have done it many times before or because you are very tired. Note: `Autopilot' is often written as `auto-pilot' in British English. Steve seemed to be on automatic pilot and able to go on driving without apparent fatigue. Note: You can also say that you go on to automatic pilot or on to autopilot if you start acting in this way. When the kids came home I just switched on to autopilot, making the tea, listening to them fight. Note: In aircraft, automatic pilot is a device which automatically keeps the plane on course without the need for the pilot to do much.
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on automatic

Functioning by or as if by automatic machine or device.
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What is the link between automaticity of walking and attention?
The term automaticity is used in general education to define accurate and fairly rapid reading.
The BASIC Intervention Program was designed to address these issues through a significant focus on improving the automaticity and accuracy of the recall of basic mathematical facts, rules, concepts and procedures.
The automaticity of the algorithms allows the processing of a great number of images in a short lapse of time and the high performance is due to the strategy to differentiate amongst objects displaying different ranges of gray levels.
As children mature and learn how to process the meanings of policies and procedures, their automaticity skills invoke routine or systematic operational tasks innately (Schwanenflugel et al 2006).
As evidenced by daily observations and classroom assessments, each boy made substantial gains with their fluency, automaticity and parsody.
5) Atrioventricular dissociation can be caused by depressed sinoatrial node automaticity, increased AV junctional or ventricular automaticity, or disturbed AV conduction.
No one should be fooled into thinking there will be any automaticity here," he said.
Britain, France and the United States want any removal of UN sanctions to be automatically reversible, but the Russians dislike the idea of automaticity because it would weaken their veto power, a Western official said.
Although this as a theory of hypnosis naturally gives no credibility whatsoever to the existence of a hypnotic state, it is worth noting that Milgram himself thought that his extraordinary results were due to the "agentic state," by which he meant that the compliant individual performs an automaticity of actions in an altered state of consciousness (Milgram, 1974, p.
Automaticity is a psychological term used to describe how we make choices regarding our daily behaviors, such as setting an alarm clock at night, putting on shoes before we leave the house, buckling the seat belt when we get in a car and remembering how to drive to the office.
Announcement of competition: Acquisition of Automaticity for New Ibestad School.
The automaticity makes the mesh network much more efficient, easy to deploy and uniquely scalable to any size from densely populated networks to large geographical areas.
a conduction disturbance in com bination with increased automaticity.
Dumas (2005), in his article "Mindfulness-Based Parent Training: Strategies to Lessen the Grip on Automaticity in Families with Disruptive Children," coined the word "mindfulness" to help therapists and parents view his suggestions as less rigid, less automated, and less resistant to change.
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