attribute to

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attribute to

To cite as the source or reason for something. A noun can be used between "attribute" and "to." I attribute my success to lots of hard work. That famous saying is usually, and incorrectly, attributed to Shakespeare.

attribute something to someone or something

to ascribe something to someone or something; to believe that someone or something is the source of something. We attribute our success to your good advice. I attribute all these ill-mannered memos to Andrew.

attribute something to somebody

(slightly formal)
to say that someone else was responsible for creating something Any quotation included in your writing has to be attributed to the person who originally wrote it.
Usage notes: usually said about a piece of writing or an idea

attribute something to something

(slightly formal)
to say that one thing is the result of something else The company attributed its decline to some bad investments.
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From this data set, attributes are analyzed by identifying types of the attribute, relationship between attributes, and properties of each attribute to select the appropriate attribute.
Under a strategic roadmap concept, PMA272 uses the benefits of this attribute to develop waypoints in time to initiate development of future ASE systems that will mitigate an evolving threat.
His reasoning was that the suspended losses at the shareholder level are deemed NOLs, and, therefore, would be a tax attribute to be reduced.
Alternatively, examples can be entered unstructured and, when the system finds a conflict, it prompts the expert to provide an attribute to solve the conflict.
Our business customers demand strict performance and bandwidth, and Quality of Service is a critical attribute to ensure that Carrier Ethernet services will deliver those".
8) The IRS indicated in that ruling that it would no longer attribute to an individual family member shares held by other family members in determining whether the transferred shares should be valued as part of a controlling interest.
Quality of Service is a critical attribute to ensure that Carrier Ethernet services will deliver the strict performance and bandwidth guarantees our business customers demand" says Michael Tighe, Director of Corporate Strategy of Verizon, and chair of the MEF board, "These 14 vendors are to be congratulated for being the first to commit to premium Carrier Ethernet services, and the challenge of submitting their products to two months of exhaustive testing at the Iometrix labs.
Secure Data Transfer - A key attribute to ensure network security.
During the session, Design Forum will explain how they leveraged SPSS analytics to understand the importance of each attribute to the consumer, and considered each variable to create an appealing menu.