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attribute to

To cite as the source or reason for something. A noun can be used between "attribute" and "to." I attribute my success to lots of hard work. That famous saying is usually, and incorrectly, attributed to Shakespeare.

attribute something to someone or something

to ascribe something to someone or something; to believe that someone or something is the source of something. We attribute our success to your good advice. I attribute all these ill-mannered memos to Andrew.

attribute something to somebody

(slightly formal)
to say that someone else was responsible for creating something Any quotation included in your writing has to be attributed to the person who originally wrote it.
Usage notes: usually said about a piece of writing or an idea

attribute something to something

(slightly formal)
to say that one thing is the result of something else The company attributed its decline to some bad investments.
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If we think of the principle defining attributes of a paper grade being the following, we may find a pattern by which this could happen.
To understand West's feminism in The Living Is Easy, it is important to recognize how a patriarchal society values and devalues certain gender attributes.
They must also have certain personal attributes that will allow them to contend with constant change, drive innovation, and inspire and motivate the knowledge workers and independent-minded employees who are at the heart of the New Economy.
By using a consistent structure exploiting the common attributes of the entities that are being entered into the database, it is possible to use the attribute structure for searching.
Consequently, in TEI's view, the goals of both sets of rules can be preserved by limiting the SRLY rules to situations where the member's tax attributes are not otherwise limited under section 382.
Second, the respondents [TABULAR DATA FOR TABLE 3 OMITTED] encountered difficulties in understanding the attribute items.
A second issue with buyers is that salespeople place too much importance and weight on price as a key decision attribute (Reichard 1985).
Kirk Kaneer"Housing Structure Attributes and Tenure Status," presented at the Allied Social Science Associations Annual Meetings, Society of Government Economists, Chicago, IL, December 28-30, 1987.
In June 2009, The Consumer Network repeated a June 2008 survey of packaging attributes and benefits that consumers said would lead them to pay more or purchase a national brand instead of a less expensive store brand.
1502-28T(a)(3)(ii), if the DM's attribute reduced is the basis of stock of another group member, then solely for purposes of Secs.
Since the Super Brand study proves that "lowest price" is not as highly valued an attribute as others by many producers, crop insurance providers have a unique environment in which to manage their brand.
Using the customers' own words avoids the "telephone party game" of successive information loss as the functional groups translate attributes into their own terms before communicating them down the line.
GS1 US Attribute Explorer enables trading partners to search and discover standardized definitions for product information required to optimize their supply chain business processes, drive consumer interest and influence purchase decisions.
No problem you can add the attribute manufacturer to your store.
how important each attribute is related to the concept of prayer).