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cop an attitude

Sl. to take a negative or opposite attitude about something. My teenage son copped an attitude when I asked why he seemed to be sneaking around.
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devil-may-care attitude

 and devil-may-care manner
a very casual attitude; a worry-free or carefree attitude. You must get rid of your devil-may-care attitude if you want to succeed. She acts so thoughtless—with her devil-may-care manner.
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have a bad attitude

to have a negative outlook on things; to be uncooperative. Perry has a bad attitude and has nothing positive to contribute to the conversation.
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wait-and-see attitude

Fig. a skeptical attitude; an uncertain attitude in which someone will just wait to see what happens before reacting. John thought that Mary couldn't do it, but he took a wait-and-see attitude. His wait-and-see attitude seemed to indicate that he didn't really care what happened.
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n. a police officer’s nightstick; any club. Andy had a black attitude-adjuster hanging from his belt, and I wasn’t going to argue with him.

cop an attitude

tv. to take a negative or opposite attitude about something. (see also tude.) I think you’re copping an attitude. Not advised, dude. Not advised.
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pull an attitude

tv. to be haughty; to put on airs. Don’t pull an attitude with me, chum!
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Thus, a positive correlation in this table indicates that attitudinally positive IAT scores are associated with positive explicit scores.
29) However it will only be effective if providers are orientated attitudinally towards providing information and empowering girls needing contraception.
Marketers find this consumer group to be highly individualistic and diverse-- ethnically, culturally, and attitudinally (17).
For both adult and child alike, it is appropriate to repeat just one or two words from the utterance of a conversational partner to comment attitudinally.
Of interest would be the degree to which graduates of such schools actually recognize such a problem or share the feeling that they were attitudinally under-prepared for the demands that the world of work might place on them.
This is of interest because it suggests that some girls who experience earlier intercourse may be attitudinally less prepared to cope with safer sex behaviour.
The poor, attitudinally, have always been among the segments of society most against abortion, which is why the Planned Parenthoods of this world have to work overtime to persuade them to go against their instincts.
Because Financial Positives are attitudinally opposed to working after retirement, a "return to work" message will fall on deaf ears.
This has clearly changed, but there is a lack of clarity as to what has changed behaviorally and attitudinally, and that the new rules seem to vary from individual to individual.
We chose kids who intellectually, emotionally, attitudinally -- the whole nine yards -- were anti-high-school.
When they work, they tend to influence those who were already "there" (or largely there) attitudinally.
It is also possible that those who enroll in HMOs are attitudinally and behaviorally more receptive to preventive care.
More specifically, the research aimed to (1) identify the market segment of consumers that would make purchase decisions based on the label, (2) evaluate its strength according to size of the segment and the utility of the No Sweat label relative to other product characteristics, (3) predict how the presence or absence of a No Sweat label would influence future purchases of apparel consumers, and (4) attitudinally and demographically profile the market segment of consumers who would use a No Sweat label.
For workers across different fields, a career-oriented workforce can be expected to produce more attitudinally distinct groups.
M-A-C is for All Races, All Sexes, All Ages, attitudinally hip, artfully irreverent, and dedicated fully to the art of self-decoration and the realization of the individual.