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attention whore

A derogatory term for someone who seeks attention in desperate, obvious, or inappropriate ways. Although it is gender neutral, it is more often used against women. Why do you always act that way at parties? It's like you're an attention whore or something.
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bring (something) to (one's) attention

To inform one of something. I think you need to bring Mark's complaint to the boss' attention, in case it becomes an issue later. Thank you for bringing that to our attention. We appreciate your feedback.
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call attention to (someone or something)

To draw others' awareness to someone or something. I know you were trying to sneak into the meeting, but you really called attention to yourself when you knocked over that chair. That garish new paint color really calls attention to all the imperfections in the walls.
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call (one) to attention

To instruct military personnel to stand at attention (which, in most cases, means looking forward and standing erect with one's arms at one's sides). The troops abruptly stopped marching when the drill sergeant called them to attention.
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the center of attention

The main focus of people's interest or attention. This phrase sometimes has a negative connotation when it refers to one who pursues or seems to crave attention. My little sister always has to be the center of attention, so of course her drama overshadowed my birthday party. And in this corner of the room, a gorgeous, three-tiered cake will be the center of attention.
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come to (one's) attention

To be noticed by one; to enter one's awareness. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "to" and "attention." Once the employee's complaint of mistreatment came to my attention, I knew I had to address it right away.
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come to attention

Of military personnel, to stand at attention (which, in most cases, means looking forward and standing erect with one's arms at one's sides). When they heard the drill sergeant's call, the troops abruptly stopped marching and came to attention.
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bring someone or something to someone's attention

to make someone aware of someone or something. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I am grateful for your bringing her to my attention.
See also: attention, bring

bring something to someone's attention

to make someone aware of something; to mention or show something to someone. I would like to bring this problem to your attention. If there is something I should know about, please bring it to my attention.
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call attention to someone or something

to cause someone, including oneself, or something to be noticed or observed. I think he dresses like that simply to call attention to himself.
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call someone's attention to something

 and call something to someone's attention
to bring something to someone's notice; to make someone recognize some fact. May I call your attention to the sign on the door? He called to our attention the notice on the wall.
See also: attention, call

call someone to attention

to demand that someone assume the formal military stance of attention. The officer called the platoon to attention. The sergeant called us to attention.
See also: attention, call

center of attention

the focus of people's attention; the thing or person who monopolizes people's attention. She had a way of making herself the center of attention wherever she went.
See also: attention, center, of

come to attention

to assume a formal military posture, standing very straight. Almost immediately, the soldiers came to attention.
See also: attention, come

come to someone's attention

 and come to someone's notice
to be told to, revealed to, or discovered by someone. It has come to my attention that you are not following the rules. Your comments have just come to my notice.
See also: attention, come

direct someone's attention to someone or something

to focus someone's regard or concern on someone or something; to cause someone to notice someone or something. May I directyour attention to the young man in the purple costume? The announcer directed our attention to the magician who was coming on stage.
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draw someone's attention to someone or something

to attract someone to notice or focus on someone or something. Now, I would like to draw your attention to Fred, the gentleman we have all heard so much about. Could I draw your attention to the statue standing at the entrance?
See also: attention, draw

draw something to someone's attention

to make someone aware of something. Please draw this error to the clerk's attention.
See also: attention, draw

grab someone's attention

 and get someone's attention; grip someone's attention
Fig. to draw or attract someone's attention. The bright colors on the poster are there to grab your attention. The scary movie gripped my attention.
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hold someone's attention

Fig. to keep someone's attention; to keep someone interested. The boring teacher could not hold the students' attention. The mystery novel held my attention and I couldn't put it down.
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pay attention (to someone or something)

to give attention (to someone or something). Please pay attention to the teacher. Max always pays careful attention to what is being told to him.
See also: attention, pay

rivet someone's attention

Fig. to keep someone's attention fixed [on something]. The movie riveted the audience's attention. Professor Jones's lecture riveted the students' attention.
See also: attention, rivet

spring to attention

to move quickly to assume the military posture of attention. The recruit sprang to attention.
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the center of attention

someone or something everyone notices Frost was the center of attention in the week before the game.
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pay attention

Heed, be attentive to, as in Now pay attention to these instructions. [Second half of 1700s]
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snap to (attention)

in. to come to attention; to look alert immediately. When they realized what was happening, they began to snap to.
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References in classic literature ?
He had been so long palled with the attentions of managing mothers and designing daughters; had seen so much of female manoeuvring, and had so easily seen through it, that the natural and inartificial loveliness of Charlotte touched his senses with a freshness of delicacy that to him was as captivating as it was novel.
The most profound attention had been paid to the sermon during the whole of its delivery, although the prayers had not been received with so perfect demonstration of respect.
Louis listened with increased attention to the words which Anne of Austria, no doubt, pronounced with a view to console him.
No sooner was Tardos Mors free than he turned his attention to another of the prisoners, while I set to work to liberate Mors Kajak.
These clamors attracted the attention of the cardinal.
Now," said he, addressing his steed, "pay attention to what I'm going to tell you.
Tarzan dropped to the trail, ran quickly to the beast's side, and drove his spear deep into the fierce heart, then after recovering his arrows turned his attention to the mutilated remains of the animal's prey in the nearby thicket.
While he might have risked a drop from the eaves of the roof he feared to do so lest he attract the attention of passers-by, and probable discovery.
The boat that had attracted Jane's attention as she stood guard upon the deck of the Kincaid had been perceived by Rokoff upon one bank and Mugambi and the horde upon the other.
The warriors had cast off their deck lashings and the officers were taking account of losses and damage when a weak cry was heard from oversides, attracting their attention to the man hanging in the cordage beneath the keel.
However, the bare suspicion that the same stranger who had called already might be watching the house now, was enough to startle me very seriously, and to suggest the absolute necessity of occupying no more precious time in paying attention to the vagaries of Mrs.
Literature has hardly paid sufficient attention to a social phenomenon of a singularly perplexing kind.
The woman who was seated there made an attempt to occupy Pete's attention and, failing, went away.
Rich, respected, fairly well educated and of sound health--with many other advantages usually valued by those having them and coveted by those who have them not--I sometimes think that I should be less unhappy if they had been denied me, for then the contrast between my outer and my inner life would not be continually demanding a painful attention.
The attention of the guests generally was absorbed in the performance.