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angle of attack

The position of an airplane as it moves through the air. What is our angle of attack, Captain? Are we going to be able to land this plane as planned?
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attack is the best form of defense

Launching an offensive is the best way to protect oneself. I need to start some rumors about Dean, before he comes after me. I know it sounds harsh, but attack is the best form of defense!
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an attack of

A sudden or acute onset of (an illness). I went to bed early last night after an attack of indigestion.
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on the attack

Going after an opponent with aggression, forcefulness, and tenacity. England has been on the attack this entire second half, threatening a historic victory against the returning German champions. Often criticized for his calm and noncombative demeanor, the candidate made a point of being on the attack throughout the debate.
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under attack

In the state of being attacked. Battle stations! We're under attack! I constantly feel like I'm under attack during these meetings, but a lot of these issues don't even relate to my department.
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in force

1. Legally enforced; in effect. There was a law like that on the books, but I'm not sure it's still in force.
2. In a large group; at full strength, as of an army. The voters are going to come out against you in force if you don't change your position on this. You better believe the fans will be there in force to support the team at the critical road game.
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*an attack

(of an illness) a bout of some sickness; an instance or acute case of some disease. (*Typically: have ~; produce ~; suffer ~.) Mr. Hodder had an attack of stomach upset that forced him to stay at home.
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*in force

1. [of a rule or law] currently valid or in effect. (*Typically: be ~.) Is this rule in force now? The constitution is still in force.
2. Fig. in a very large group. (*Typically: arrive ~; attack ~.) The entire group arrived in force. The mosquitoes will attack in force this evening.
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produce an attack

(of an illness) Go to an attack (of an illness).
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suffer an attack

 (of an illness)
1. Go to an attack (of an illness).
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in force

1. In full strength, in large numbers, as in Demonstrators were out in force. This usage originally alluded to a large military force. [Early 1300s]
2. Operative, binding, as in This rule is no longer in force. This usage originally alluded to the binding power of a law. [Late 1400s]
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in force

in great strength or numbers.
1989 Amy Wilentz The Rainy Season They turned out in force, armed with machetes and cocomacaques.
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Big Mac attack

n. a sudden and desperate need for a Big Mac sandwich, a product of the McDonald’s restaurant chain. (Big Mac is a protected trade name of McDonald’s.) I feel a Big Mac attack coming on!
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in force

1. In full strength; in large numbers: Demonstrators were out in force.
2. In effect; operative: a rule that is no longer in force.
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Your central midfielders and defenders will have the greatest influence over this element of your game, because they will have the most opportunities to switch the ball from one side to the other, and should be in position to see the attacking options in front of them.
The middle third of the field is the best area in which to do this, since you generally want to drive straight to goal in the attacking third and you want to avoid playing balls across the center of your defensive third.
By starting behind the line of the ball and as wide as possible, the wing player will also maximize the amount of positive attacking space into which the ball can be delivered.
The following game helps train players to read an opponent's defensive shape, and encourages them to change the point of attack in midfield to find better attacking options:
6, with each team defending three goals and attacking the other three goals.
Finally, remove the small goals and play to two full-sized goals (with keepers) to confirm that your players continue to read their attacking options across the width of the field, even under game conditions.
Twenty-five years later, with young stars like attacking defender Roberto Carlos, creative midfielder Juninho, and striker Edmundo, they are once again among the elite.
Once in control of the ball, they will invariably advance into their attacking third before risk losing it by trying something creative and dangerous.
2% (29) of her possessions produced four or more passes in her attacking half to the U.
That wasn't always true of earlier Brazilian teams that seemed to care only about attacking.
Brazil's first option in the attacking third was to spring someone through - like they did here with Zinho - to get a daring chance close to goal.
3 develops a creative sequence in the attacking third.
Phishing is spreading, attacking new institutions in mass numbers, catching some by surprise.
This creates a half-open state where the target system has received the SYN packet but the SYN_ACK has gone unacknowledged by the attacking system(s).
So far, therefore, it seems that our model is best suited for attacking tamperproof devices.