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attach oneself to someone

1. Fig. to become emotionally involved with someone. Fred seems to have attached himself to a much older woman, who has captured his attention. Somehow, Susan has attached herself emotionally to Tom, and she is distraught over his being away.
2. Fig. to follow after someone; to become a constant companion to someone. Andy's little brother attached himself to Andy and his friends—much to Andy's distress. John attached himself to his older brother and drove him crazy.
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attach oneself to something

1. Lit. to connect or secure oneself to something. During the storm, Tony attached himself to the helm and proceeded to steer the boat. The caterpillar attached itself to a branch and began to spin its cocoon.
2. Fig. to choose to associate with a particular thing, group, or organization. Ron attached himself to a volleyball team that practices at the school. The manager attached himself to the luncheon club and became a regular fixture there.
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attach to someone

Fig. [for blame, importance, guilt, fault, etc.] to become "fixed" onto someone or an organization. A lot of guilt attaches to Henry for his part in the plot. Most of the blame for the accident attaches to Roger.
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attach to something

[for something] to be meant to fit onto or into something. This one attaches to this other one right at this point. This part should have attached to the back of the desk, but it didn't fit.
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lock something onto someone or something

 and lock something on
to attach or fix something onto someone or something. The cop locked the handcuffs onto the mugger and led him away. Andy locked his bicycle onto the signpost. See that bike rack? Lock your bike on and keep an eye on it.
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no strings attached

no special demands or limits that you have to accept The donation has no strings attached, so the charity can use the money for whatever purpose it chooses.
Usage notes: sometimes used in the form with string attached (with special demands or limits): Many special offers come with strings attached, so be aware of this before you buy.
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no strings attached

Without conditions or restrictions, as in They give each of the children $10,000 a year with no strings attached. This expression dates from the mid-1900s, although string in the sense of "a limitation" has been used since the late 1800s.
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attach to

1. To fasten or secure something to something: The electrician attached the wires to the socket. The carpenter attached the knobs to the cabinet doors.
2. To adhere, belong, or relate to something: It is not a very difficult job, and not much responsibility attaches to it.
3. To affix or append something to something: I attached all of my receipts to my spending report.
4. To ascribe or assign some quality to something: Several ambassadors said they would walk out of the meeting, but our officials attached no significance to the threat.
5. To associate closely with someone or something: I quickly attached myself to the chess club when I started school.
6. To be bound emotionally to someone or something: I'm still attached to that old sweater I used to wear in high school.
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The attaches, who are Self-Defense Forces authorities, gather details from other foreign army attaches.
Financial attaches represent Treasury overseas and cover economic and financial issues relevant to U.
The custodial parent does this by signing Form 8332, Release of Claim to Exemption for Child of Divorced or Separated Parents, which the noncustodial parent attaches to his or her tax return.
It attaches to the LAN or WAN using specialized file access and sharing protocols, and uses its processor to service file requests instead of allowing direct access to its storage.
The Expander "Companion Chip" attaches to the TD6405 and acts as a bridge for various host interface modules.
The Axsys FAST30 laser diode attach system aligns, attaches and tests the optical elements of the active diode device.
Instead, Rocket Drive attaches directly to the system's PCI bus to reduce costs and significantly improve data transfer rates.
FlashDisk OpenRAID attaches via industry standard SCSI and Fibre Channel interfaces to host servers including SUN, HP, IBM and NT.
NSS's technology, SPANStor(TM), runs on industry standard hardware that attaches directly to the network providing shared file service to UNIX, Windows and the World Wide Web.
The data-centric design of these products provides a central storage repository that attaches directly to the network.