attach to

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attach to someone

Fig. [for blame, importance, guilt, fault, etc.] to become "fixed" onto someone or an organization. A lot of guilt attaches to Henry for his part in the plot. Most of the blame for the accident attaches to Roger.
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attach to something

[for something] to be meant to fit onto or into something. This one attaches to this other one right at this point. This part should have attached to the back of the desk, but it didn't fit.
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attach to

1. To fasten or secure something to something: The electrician attached the wires to the socket. The carpenter attached the knobs to the cabinet doors.
2. To adhere, belong, or relate to something: It is not a very difficult job, and not much responsibility attaches to it.
3. To affix or append something to something: I attached all of my receipts to my spending report.
4. To ascribe or assign some quality to something: Several ambassadors said they would walk out of the meeting, but our officials attached no significance to the threat.
5. To associate closely with someone or something: I quickly attached myself to the chess club when I started school.
6. To be bound emotionally to someone or something: I'm still attached to that old sweater I used to wear in high school.
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b) Employee business expenses: Complete Form 2106, Employee Business Expenses, or Form 2106-EZ, Unreimbursed Employee Business Expenses, and attach to the return.
c) Fuels credit: Complete Form 4136, Credit for Federal Tax Paid on Fuels, and attach to the return.
However, the Cenatek product is vastly different from conventional SSDs that attach to the host computer via channel technologies such as SCSI and fibre.
MARK: Sure, Hal, this may attach to a system, but I doubt whether it's a true Network Attached Storage device.
Multi-interface, quad-port FlashDisk OpenRAID provides two SCSI ports for direct host attach plus two fibre channel ports for direct or network attach to SAN and NAS environments in a single RAID array for all SUN, HP, IBM and NT servers.
The decoy is intended to attach to all the promoter proteins, preventing any from being available to attach to their natural target site on the gene.
The disclaiming heirs argued that, as a result of the disclaimer, no interest in property or right to property was ever created; therefore, a Federal tax hen could not attach to the disclaimed property.