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atomic cocktail

1. In medicine, a liquid solution that contains one or more radioactive elements, which is swallowed orally and used in the diagnosis and/or treatment of disorders, especially cancer and diseases of the thyroid. We are just going to administer a sort of atomic cocktail to track the disease's progress. That way, we can better gauge what course of action to take.
2. An alcoholic drink composed of vodka, brandy, champagne, and sherry. Created in Las Vegas, Nevada, and named after the nuclear tests conducted in the state during the 1950s. Barkeep, I want something that will knock my socks off. Fix me an atomic cocktail!
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atomic wedgie

n. an instance of pulling someone’s underpants up very tightly—from the rear—so that the cloth is pulled between the victim’s buttocks; a severe wedgie or melvin. I’m going to sneak up behind Bob and give him an atomic wedgie.
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Sidhwa will be will presenting " Implementation of Final Surface Finish(TM)(FSF(TM)) by Using Cost-Effective Atomically Clean Surface (ACS(TM)) Process for Sub-14 nm Technology Nodes.
Graphene has been considered a wonderful electronic material where electron moves like an effectively massless particle in the atomically thin layer," notes Philip Kim, professor of physics and applied physics at Columbia, one of the early pioneers in graphene research and who discovered its low-temperature high electronic conductivity.
He wrote several short fantasy stories, many about humans who colonized Mars after fleeing an atomically devastated Earth, which he gathered into a collection called "The Martian Chronicles.
However, simulations are more easily and variably controlled because they can incorporate evolving theories of how solvent and reactant species store energy, how atoms and molecules move in an environment of atomically derived pushing and pulling forces, and how solvents get reactants close enough to each other to actually react.
With its capability to process up to 6" diameter wafers using up to eight precursors, GEMStar has the flexibility to deposit atomically thin layers of material on virtually any substrate and was designed with the most challenging high aspect ratio and through-pore deposition applications in mind.
One pair of settings lay down the particles in a "rug" arrangement that creates a nearly atomically smooth surface - it causes water to spread out in a thin layer, while the brick surface causes water to bead up and run off.
At first, we really didn't know what to expect because people hadn't up to now made these sorts of measurements on atomically smooth surfaces in a liquid," says Israelachvili.
These latest results have the advantage that nature itself guides, by a self-assembly process, the formation of long chains of polarized electron spins with atomically precise structural order.
dielectrics, barrier layers, charge transfer dopants or photo-catalysts) but to date 2D/non-2D oxide interfacing has not been addressed on an atomically resolved level.
These trends set a stage for building a 'brain' that takes the needs of the transportation network's physical world, and then harnesses the intelligence that is being built into that physical world in order to atomically simulate, plan, learn, and dynamically optimize that infrastructure.
The prototype was demonstrated using an Sc3N@C80 molecule sandwiched between two electrodes consisting of an atomically flat copper oxide substrate and an atomically sharp tungsten tip.
Although the membrane prevents ions and water from flowing through it, the graphene membrane can attract different ions and other chemicals to its two atomically close surfaces.
In fusion, two atomically light nuclei -- such as the hydrogen isotopes deuterium and tritium -- merge into a heavier, more energetically stable nucleus.
In addition, MATRIXX Software's patent-pending Parallel-Matrixx technology creates atomically synchronized copies of all data across every blade.
Central to this project are the metrology and training advances needed to underpin the next generation of 3 dimensional (3D) device architectures based on atomically engineered materials and interfaces (e.