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atomic cocktail

1. In medicine, a liquid solution that contains one or more radioactive elements, which is swallowed orally and used in the diagnosis and/or treatment of disorders, especially cancer and diseases of the thyroid. We are just going to administer a sort of atomic cocktail to track the disease's progress. That way, we can better gauge what course of action to take.
2. An alcoholic drink composed of vodka, brandy, champagne, and sherry. Created in Las Vegas, Nevada, and named after the nuclear tests conducted in the state during the 1950s. Barkeep, I want something that will knock my socks off. Fix me an atomic cocktail!
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atomic wedgie

n. an instance of pulling someone’s underpants up very tightly—from the rear—so that the cloth is pulled between the victim’s buttocks; a severe wedgie or melvin. I’m going to sneak up behind Bob and give him an atomic wedgie.
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Following approval by the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics and the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, atomic weights are based on the carbon-12 nucleus equals 12 scale.
Closer examination of the virus-induced changes at the subcellular surfaces of the infected cells, by using the hard tapping mode under the atomic force microscope, showed the involvement of the cell cytoskeleton at late infection.
In fact, only just over 750 Japanese children were exposed in utero during the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and two cases of childhood cancer were observed in this cohort against an expected number of, at most, 0.
The memorial hall, tentatively called the National Memorial Hall in Hiroshima for the Atomic Bomb Deceased, is scheduled to open in fiscal 2002, through March 2003, with the philosophy of praying for eternal peace by paying tribute to the atomic bomb deceased.
Answers on a postcard to Atomic Kitten Competition, Sunday Mirror, 46-56 Boucher Crescent, Belfast, BT12 6QY.
Welsome also notes that the Atomic Energy Commission in 1947 and the Defense Department in 1953 had rules "requiring researchers to obtain the consent of sick patients for therapeutic and nontherapeutic experiments.
Paul Boyer, a social historian of the bomb, has noted that never before had Americans been so engrossed with a single news item as they were with the story of the atomic bomb.
This technique is used to identify and quantify atomic elements in a sample.
Filmmaker Peter Kuran, a Sylmar special effects expert, learned about the Lookout Mountain cinematographers while producing a documentary called ``Trinity and Beyond/The Atomic Bomb Movie.
In Sudoplatov's book there is an almost identical message, but the person who sends it is the atomic spy Bruno Pontecorvo (who defected to the Soviet Union in 1950), and the message goes to Moscow, not to Harvard.
As such, atomic and molecular manipulation has played an emblematic role in the development of the field of nanoscience.
March 17, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Jim Steinle, President of Atomic Plumbing, has been recognized by Plumbing & Mechanical magazine as Plumbing Contractor of the Year.
China has been rapidly relying on atomic power as its main source of power, given its benefirts compared to the energy produced from coal or wind.
Atomic Design will continue to work on various online marketing strategies for WELC with a focus on driving increased targeted traffic to their website to turn searchers into future clients.