at wit's end

at one's wit's end

Fig. at the limits of one's mental resources. I'm at my wit's end with this problem. I cannot figure it out. Tom could do no more. He was at his wit's end.
See also: end

at your wit's end

so upset that you do not know what to do I have a problem that has me at wit's end, and I'm hoping you can help.
See also: end
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At wit's end Crystal Palace v Spurs Crystal Palace manager Ian Holloway has had enough of being the class clown and wants to be taken seriously on his return to the Premier League.
I am at wit's end and asking the Daily News for help.
At wit's end, he has hired a husband-and-wife team of ``existential detectives'' (Dustin Hoffman and Lily Tomlin - relaxed, playful, delightful) to follow him around and figure it all out.
One 79-year-old-woman in Sun Valley is at wit's end trying to figure out what to do with a colony of cats she inadvertently invited into her yard two years ago.