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AN entrepreneur has beaten the Chinese at their own game - by bringing the medal-making trade back to Birmingham.
Doggy Styling Channel 4, 9pm This eye-opening documentary follows the fortunes of Su Eld-Weaver, who's going to America to beat its dog-groomers at their own game.
NEDUM ONUOHA has warned that Sunderland must not try to take Blackburn Rovers on at their own game next week.
Summary: Martin Johnson has revealed England will take Italy on at their own game during Sunday's Six Nations clash at the Stadio Flaminio.
The bottom line is, Arsenal have a higher calibre of player - and when you see teams like Man United try to play them at their own game and lose, it should tell you something.
We will not beat them at their own game, that's for sure.
ALBION boss Tony Mowbray believes Owen Coyle's Burnley side will try to beat Albion at their own game when they visit The Hawthorns tomorrow.
The Mariners did all their damage in a five-run fifth, beating the Angels at their own game - with a persistent, unrelenting attack.
If you can beat the pros at their own game, you could win a $500 U.
Some of Lasn's fellow activists are less than sanguine about the shift from a strategy of opposing corporations to one of beating them at their own game.
Treating Smallpox with Leeches: Criminal Culpability of Virus Writers and Better Ways to Beat Them at Their Own Game.
Craig Brown last night revealed how he beat Austria's German-based players at their own game.
Kevin Lewis and Andrew Tay, subjects of the best-selling book, "Bringing Down the House," who will discuss how they, as college students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, combine an analytic approach to blackjack with some creative tactics to beat the casinos at their own game.
Giuliana Mendiola scored 27 points for the Huskies (6-2), who nearly beat the Lady Raiders at their own game by holding Texas Tech to a season-low 36.
It will take innovations like the Multiple Threat Lookup Database to defeat spammers at their own game," said Scott Perry, software architect for Computerized Horizons.