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Wolf Larsen motioned for me to come down, and when I stood beside him at the wheel gave me instructions for heaving to.
And as this idea of fulfilling Wolf Larsen's order persisted in my dazed consciousness, I seemed to see him standing at the wheel in the midst of the wild welter, pitting his will against the will of the storm and defying it.
When the tire deflates, the vehicle rides on two small oval contact patches at the wheel rim.
Uncooled wheel hub motors with approximately 150 Nm (110 lb-ft) of torque would give up to 600 Nm (440 lb-ft) of torque at the wheels in an all-wheel-drive application, though switching to cooled motors would raise this to a total of 1,000 Nm (738 lb-ft), if required.
This rating is the direct measure of the power available at the wheels.