at the forefront

at the forefront

In a position of highest importance or priority. The new company I work for is at the forefront of medical innovation. I think some of their new instruments are going to revolutionize the field of medicine. My kids' safety is always a concern at the forefront of my mind.
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at the forefront (of something)

 and in the forefront (of something)
Fig. at the place of greatest activity; vital or important to some activity. I interviewed Max Brown, the director who is in the forefront of the movie industry. The university I go to is at the forefront of computer technology.
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at/in/to the ˈforefront (of something)

in or into an important or a leading position in a particular group or activity: The new product took the company to the forefront of the computer software market.The court case was constantly in the forefront of my mind (= I thought about it all the time).
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References in classic literature ?
But the day did not close so auspiciously as it began.
Hither, on the first morning of my so auspiciously beginning life on my own account, the oldest of the regular boys was summoned to show me my business.
Various were the emotions depicted upon the countenances of the starboard watch whilst listening to this address; but on its conclusion there was a general move towards the forecastle, and we soon were all busily engaged in getting ready for the holiday so auspiciously announced by the skipper.
It was in the course of the evening after the scene with the Captain that he joined her, awkwardly, abruptly, irresistibly, on the deck, where she was pacing to and fro alone, the hour being auspiciously mild and the stars remarkably fine.
She believes the project will not only equip her with valuable people management skills and help her become fitter but also place women at the forefront of the sporting world.
Edwards is at the forefront of one Defense Department effort to try to get more use out of the existing frequencies through the Advanced Range Telemetry Program.
Following science where the scientists themselves get information keeps us at the forefront.
Commenting on the management team addition, company founder Scott Walker said, "Burton Katz is one of the most seasoned executives in the multimedia arena, having been at the forefront of many 'firsts' in our industry, both here and abroad.
The service is a multi-million dollar investment that will place UMB at the forefront of business online banking," said Terry D'Amore, Executive Vice President of UMB Treasury Management.
PHILADELPHIA -- Only three years after the establishment of a chaired professorship in corporate governance and accountability, Drexel University's LeBow College of Business is once again at the forefront of preparing leaders to better govern companies with the launch of its Center for Corporate Governance on Wednesday, December 14 at 6 p.
BBN has been at the forefront of speech and language processing technologies for several decades now and we will continue to push the state of the art," said Tad Elmer, president and CEO, BBN Technologies.
TiVo and its patented technologies are at the forefront of the ever-changing world of television and home entertainment, providing innovative solutions for consumers and the television industry.
He clearly understands the marketplace and what needs to be undertaken to keep us at the forefront of an increasingly important part of our financial services," Rubin added.
Through its breadth of BACSTEL-IP solutions and strategic partnerships with software vendors serving specific UK vertical markets, Bottomline has emerged at the forefront of helping organisations comply with the new standard.
As SOA and Web services become a key IT component to corporate growth and viability, SOA Software will be at the forefront of technology innovation," said Paul Gigg, CEO of SOA Software.