at the mercy of

(redirected from at mercy)

at the mercy of someone

 and at someone's mercy
Fig. under the control of someone; without defense against someone. We were left at the mercy of the arresting officer. Mrs. Franklin wanted Mr. Franklin at her mercy.
See also: mercy, of

at the mercy of somebody/something

also at somebody's/something's mercy
unable to protect yourself from someone or something The entire movie business is at the mercy of teenage moviegoers. If you're not legally employed, you're at your employer's mercy.
See also: mercy, of

at the mercy of

1. Also, at someone's mercy. Subject to the power of, helpless against, as in The captured rebels were at the mercy of the army commander. [Late 1500s]
2. Without any protection against, as in On top of Mount Washington we were at the mercy of the elements. [Late 1600s]
See also: mercy, of

at the mercy of

Without any protection against; helpless before: drifting in an open boat, at the mercy of the elements.
See also: mercy, of
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com)-- A project at Mercy to track thousands of implanted medical devices and improve patient safety now has the financial backing of the U.
By connecting the talents of a highly skilled team of dynamic professionals, Dara will deepen the impact of Mercy Corps programs worldwide," says Neal Keny-Guyer, chief executive officer at Mercy Corps.
Medical staff privileges of the physicians at Mercy Hot Springs are not expected to be affected by the proposed transaction.
One, he says, pointing to a young man joking with a group of residents, is an ex-Bangkok prostitute who now works at Mercy as a counselor for other HIV-positive people.
Sister Carol Henry, who coordinated the project at Mercy Center, is to be congratulated on her amazing efforts on behalf of families in need.
MIAMI -- The CyberKnife Institute at Mercy Hospital, Miami's first hospital-based CyberKnife[R] Robotic Radiosurgery System, will bring new hope to patients with inoperable or surgically complex tumors when it opens its doors January of 2010.
June 3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Sound Physicians, a leading hospitalist organization focused on driving improvements in the quality, satisfaction and financial performance of inpatient healthcare delivery, announced today an agreement to employ and manage a team of hospitalist physicians at Mercy Hospital & Medical Center in Chicago, Ill.
Staff members at Mercy Health Northwest Arkansas Communities in Rogers know they have important duties to perform each day.
Every stairwell at Mercy is now equipped with a Stryker evacuation stair chair, designed with a friction breaking track that allows patient to be moved quickly yet safely to the ground floor.
Randall Stark, director of the cardiac catheterization labs at Mercy Heart & Vascular Center.
Joining Alcorn at the luncheon were two young women currently in the residential counseling program at Mercy Ministries in Nashville, along with a Mercy Ministries' program graduate from 1997, all of whom were honored with a standing ovation.
Paper recycling is on the rise at Mercy, increasing from 7,000 pounds in May to more than 30,000 pounds in July.
She will continue to serve in that capacity at Mercy in Coon Rapids until a new president is named.
Sound Physicians announced today an agreement to provide hospitalist services at Mercy Health - Mt.
SAN DIEGO -- San Diego-based BidShift(R), the leading provider of web-based flexible workforce management technology for healthcare providers, has implemented its program at Mercy Medical Center, Roseburg, Oregon to provide an automated approach for filling open shifts, empowering employees, and supporting effective staffing practices.