at low ebb

at (a) low ebb

(slightly formal) also at its lowest ebb
below the usual condition or standard The divorce comes at a time when Jackson's career is at a low ebb. Support for the arts has reached its lowest ebb and we hope it won't go any lower.
Related vocabulary: up to par
See also: ebb, low
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With OEM loyalty to casting suppliers at low ebb, low-cost competitors on the rise and U.
Manufacturing might be at low ebb just now but visionaries like Stuart show the flame of innovation is far from extinguished.
With consumer sentiment at low ebb, the average Korean household has cut back on discretionary spending, especially when it comes to financed purchases.
However, your remark that ``When Labour won power (locally) in 1983, the city was at low ebb .
As a result, consumer confidence is at low ebb and that is putting downward pressure on demand for high-end goods and services.
Consumer confidence is at low ebb and not likely to improve much in 2003.
Interest rates are at low ebb and attractive terms of financing should contribute to a gradual increase in high-end household spending during the fourth quarter of this year.
With confidence at low ebb, household purchases of high-end goods and services should languish below 2 percent through the first half of the year, surpassing 3 percent by the end of the year.
With consumer confidence at low ebb and business leaders worried about the slow recovery in export sales, it appears that 2003 will limit growth in private sector expenditure to no more than 3 percent.