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Philip Colgan said a Scotsman called Wayne forced him at knifepoint to strangle Layla Brennan, 24, and dump her naked body in a ditch in the Dublin mountains.
The attacker blindfolded his victims, bound their hands and held them at knifepoint before raping them.
Derek, 25, was forced away at knifepoint and the men attacked Carrie.
He said that the victim had been brutally assaulted and raped at knifepoint in the jail three weeks ago.
In each case, the attacker blindfolded the victims, bound their hands and held them at knifepoint before raping them.
The businesswoman told the court her obsessed former lover smashed his way into her Aberdeen home before raping her at knifepoint.
SEVERAL teenagers were left traumatised after they were abducted at knifepoint by a gang of youths at a sleepy train station.
A THIEF who kidnapped a Kenilworth visitor and forced him at knifepoint to reveal a bank card identity number has been jailed for six years.
Musa raped a 46-year-old woman cleaner at knifepoint in a London office last year.
In one case, Works was charged with taking an 18-year-old man he met through a homosexual dating service to a remote area of Tujunga Canyon and demanding sex at knifepoint.
A YOUNG woman was sexually assaulted at knifepoint after being driven from Coventry.
He forced them at knifepoint to drive out to lonely country lanes where he raped them.
The gas station attendant was abducted at knifepoint about 9:30 p.
GLENDALE - An observant woman robbed at knifepoint in a city parking lot in Glendale on Tuesday helped authorities nab four teens within minutes, authorities said.
DETECTIVES are hunting two youths who robbed a 16-year-old of his BMX bike at knifepoint.