at home with

at home

1. Literally, in one's place of residence. I was at home all day and the repairman never came. I'm at home now, so feel free to come over.
2. Very comfortable or proficient in a particular area. My mother is at home in the kitchen and can make just about any dish.
3. Matching or suiting a particular environment. Considering her aesthetic, I think that antique chair would be at home in her store.
4. Of a sports team, playing in one's home arena or field, as opposed to one's opponent's facility. The Yankees have been on the road for a while now. When will they be at home again?
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at home with

1. Literally, in one's place of residence with someone or something. I was at home with the kids all day and the repairman never came.
2. Very comfortable or proficient with something. There was an adjustment period, but I'm at home with my new job now.
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at home with someone or something

1. Lit. in one's home with someone or something. She's at home with her mother. Bob's not alone. He's at home with the cats.
2. Fig. comfortable with someone or something; comfortable doing something. Tom is very much at home with my parents. Mary seems to be at home with her job.
See also: home
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Whether or not you hit one of the many lesbian and gay film festivals going on around the country, you can have your own at home with the sexy Leaving Metropolis (Wolfe Home Video); the Mexican family drama The City of No Limits (Fox Home Entertainment); and the lesbian softball romance Maggie & Annie (Culture Q Connection).
The Court further held that individuals should compare the amount of time spent at home with time spent at other places where business activities occur.
Samsung's digital home network solution demonstrates "true seamless connectivity" at home with broadband Internet services.