be nothing short of [astonishing etc.]

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be nothing short of [astonishing/miraculous etc.]

to be totally astonishing, miraculous etc. His achievements as a political reformer have been nothing short of miraculous.
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If we were not perfectly convinced that Hamlet's Father died before the play began, there would be nothing more remarkable in his taking a stroll at night, in an easterly wind, upon his own ramparts, than there would be in any other middle-aged gentleman rashly turning out after dark in a breezy spot -- say Saint Paul's Churchyard for instance -- literally to astonish his son's weak mind.
Crupp; but she disposed of that objection summarily by declaring that, on the first demonstration of hostilities, she was prepared to astonish Mrs.
Yes, he would like to see if, with that woman instead of the old lunatic, Box Five would continue to astonish the natives?
But proceed; by-and-by I may tell you something that will astonish you as much as it will excite your compassion.
Fogg said to him, "Don't let this astonish you, sir.
It would astonish me, my lord, if they were not asked.
Her behaviour, I confess, has been calculated to do away with such an idea; I have not detected the smallest impropriety in it--nothing of vanity, of pretension, of levity; and she is altogether so attractive that I should not wonder at his being delighted with her, had he known nothing of her previous to this personal acquaintance; but, against reason, against conviction, to be so well pleased with her, as I am sure he is, does really astonish me.
Don't be afraid of speaking-- all these ladies and gentlemen have seen far stranger people than yourself; you don't astonish THEM.
I believe it will astonish you, too, my dears, when you hear it.
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