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labor under (something)

To live, function, or operate while believing something or holding an assumption of some kind, especially something that is not or may not be true. We all labored under the assumption that we would be getting paid overtime, so we all nearly quit when we realized that wasn't the case These politicians want us all to labor under the notion that they're our friends, looking out for our interests first and foremost.
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labor under an assumption

Fig. to function or operate believing something; to go about living while assuming something [that may not be so]. I was laboring under the idea that we were going to share the profits equally. Are you laboring under the notion that you are going to be promoted?
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Is it possible," he asked, with an overacted assumption of surprise, "that you think I am in earnest?
First, that on the above-mentioned Feast of the Assumption, small beer having been served to the novices in the proportion of one quart to each four, the said brother John did drain the pot at one draught to the detriment of brother Paul, brother Porphyry and brother Ambrose, who could scarce eat their none-meat of salted stock-fish on account of their exceeding dryness,"
That power, however, was limited and specific, and did not extend to an operation of this nature and extent; no objection, however, was made to his assumption, and he and M'Tavish soon made a preliminary arrangement, perfectly satisfactory to the latter.
Excessive amiability and excessive liberality are the two favorite assumptions of the modern generation.
Tyranny has perhaps oftener grown out of the assumptions of power, called for, on pressing exigencies, by a defective constitution, than out of the full exercise of the largest constitutional authorities.
And so it is with the Assumption Convent High School Class of 1967 that is commemorating its 50th year jubilee this year.
Making a false assumption, either explicitly or implicitly, will always lead to erroneous results.
It is then the purpose of this essay to make the readers aware that they too operate on a certain set of assumptions and to provide a method for assumption clarification as this is a necessary process to help move toward a new paradigm of teaching and learning excellence.
WORCESTER - Friends, former college classmates, student athletes both past and present, and his Assumption College colleagues came to honor the late Stephen "Merc" Morris April 15 at Laska Gymnasium.
design makes assumption management even more critical than the deliberate decisionmaking process.
This organizational assumption is one of the biggest obstacles faced by employees.
A possible fact assumption is a belief about the likelihood of an event or circumstance occurring, often about other people might say or do.
Why does the commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) loan assumption process cause servicers and borrowers so many headaches?
1] was intended for use as part of a conservative upper-bounding analysis, not as a realistic point estimate); 3) replacing an assumption that 10% of infected persons would benefit from antimicrobial drug therapy with a more data-based value of 0.