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assume the mantle

To take, inherit, or receive the responsibilities and duties associated with a certain position or job, especially one regarded as important or powerful. The king led the country for over 60 years; now, his daughter will assume the mantle of the throne.
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assume the position

1. To take over the role and responsibilities of a particular job. My boss wants me to assume the position of treasurer this year, but I don't know if I want the extra workload.
2. A command issued by US law enforcement officers, meaning to stand with one's back to the officer and hold one's arms in a position to be either handcuffed or frisked. Primarily heard in US, South Africa. I knew I was in trouble when they asked me out of the car, but I knew I was going to jail when they told me to assume the position.
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assume liability for

To take responsible for something, typically a cost or expense. When you signed the contract, you assumed liability for fees like this.
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assume liability for something

to accept the responsibility for paying a cost. Mr. Smith assumed liability for his son's student loans. The store assumed liability for the injured customer's hospital bills.
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*low profile

Fig. a persona or character that does not draw attention. (*Typically: assume ~; have ~; keep ~; give oneself ~.) I try to be quiet and keep a low profile. It's hard because I just love attention.
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In conclusion, the idiosyncratic situation of global business can be summarized in that the identification of strategic issues is assumably a multipersonal (Wilensky 1967) and multidimensional process which requires the exchange of information to gain a complete picture of the total.
Assumably, the freezing industry may not want to invest in controversial and risky food irradiation facilities.
Assumably, this, in turn, would lower health care costs while allowing the health care industry to continue to operate as a free market.
Picking five of the members from the company's 50 largest beneficial owners is simply a means of ensuring that those with the greatest economic stake in the company and, assumably, with the greatest resources to devote to SAC participation, carry their proportionate responsibility.
Assumably, we wrote him off as injured for the rest of the trip; within the next day he surprises everyone and has no problems skating better than ever.