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associate with

1. To have a relationship with someone. In this usage, a reflexive pronoun can be used between "associate" and "with." I don't associate with criminals like him. I think he's happy to associate himself with successful people like us.
2. To connect various people or things in one's mind, usually for a specific reason that is unique to that person. A noun is used between "associate" and "with." I associate the smell of cinnamon with Christmas because of the cookies my mother used to bake every year. He always associates Liz with me because he met us at the same time.
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associate oneself with someone or something

to join someone or something as a partner or friend. I wanted to associate myself with a prestigious law firm. She associated herself with people of low repute.
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associate someone or something with someone or something

to link someone or something [in one's mind] to someone or something else. (Something and someone can occur in all possible combinations.) I always associate Walter with pizza for some reason. I associate pizza with stringy cheese.
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associate with someone

to be friendly with someone; to be acquainted with someone socially in a work setting. We seek to associate with persons like ourselves. I like to associate with interesting people.
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associate with

1. To keep company with someone or some group: They are very snobbish and don't associate with people from our side of town.
2. To link something in the mind with something else: People often associate sunny weather with happiness.
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8 billion, operates one depository institution, Associated Bank, National Association ("Associated Bank"), also in Green Bay, with branches in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Minnesota.
The acquisition of the Jabas Group complements Associated's array of financial service offerings," said Paul Beideman, president and CEO of Associated Banc-Corp.
CFG, with more than 2,500 business insurance clients in the Twin Cities, boosts the growth of Associated's existing insurance group, Associated Insurance Management Group, Inc.
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CoSalt Lake City, Utah and Associated firm: Paulsen Architects/Renovation/Modernization Citation
Readers should not place undue reliance on forward-looking information and should be aware that forward looking statements are subject to known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that could cause actual results, performance or achievements of Associated Brands Income Fund to differ materially from those suggested by the forward-looking statements.
Since Rob Dougans joined Associated Brands as President and Chief Executive Officer in May of 2004, he has clearly demonstrated his ability to lead our company forward.
It then examines the less tangible costs such as associated IS support and infrastructure, administration, procurement, document distribution, and management.
It is the most common pathogen associated with nosocomial infections in the United States, particularly nosocomial pneumonia and surgical site infections.
Associated with some of the century's most talented and important architects and developers, the firm now looks forward to the 21st century.
They loosely fit under Canon 654, which covers members associated but not incorporated by profession.
Associated Bank has become a leader among Wisconsin banks in on-line financial services with the launch of its new on-line bill payment service today, the company said.
OMI International, a leading provider of supply chain management solutions, along with Vocollect, the global leader in voice-directed distribution systems, today announced the roll out of a real-time voice-directed selection system within Associated Grocers Inc.
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