assist in

assist in

To help with something. A person's name or a pronoun can be used between "assist" and "in." Who wants to assist me in this endeavor? My boss wants me to assist in this project, so here I am!
See also: assist

assist someone in something

to help a particular person working on a task. Please assist Greg in the committee's assignment. We assisted him in the whole procedure.
See also: assist

assist in something

to help with something. May I assist in this? Please assist in this task.
See also: assist
References in classic literature ?
It was hard for me at this time to understand how a woman of her education and social standing could take such delight in performing such service, in order to assist in the elevation of an unfortunate race.
And did this Mr Dowling," says Allworthy, with great astonishment in his countenance, "tell you that I would assist in the prosecution?
But you will contribute something to the campaign fund to assist in your election, will you not?
And she talked in this way so long and successfully that, when forced to give her attention again to her father and sister, she had nothing worse to hear than Isabella's kind inquiry after Jane Fairfax; and Jane Fairfax, though no great favourite with her in general, she was at that moment very happy to assist in praising.
He knew that in either case a posse of citizens with a pack of bloodhounds would soon be on his track and his chance of escape was very slender; but he did not wish to assist in his own pursuit.
I tried to follow, that I might be near her against some opportunity to speak with her or assist in her escape.
I decline to assist you in searching for Miss Silvester; but I have no objection to assist in recovering a stolen letter from a thief.
online portal, experienced professionals to assist in business mgmt, development and training.
We had to assist in writing the regulations and procedures; lease, open, and equip 112 amnesty offices nationwide; and train 2,000 new people.
In Pakistan, the government is considering a proposal that its national ID card include blood group information to assist in AIDS screening.
PEC will assist in the transition of more than 90 existing INS application form types to a modern, web-based client/server platform that supports all customer-based processes.
The formation of the IN Advisory Board is intended to assist in support of these goals.
Remediation services assist in automating Y2K changes -- inspection services assure quality and productivity in the compliance process, by detecting errors early and finding errors that testing may not find.
Additionally, inverse kinematics (IK) is now a built-in core feature, accessible from an icon in the toolbar, and new IK features such as position and orientation pinning assist in character animation.
Although watchfulness proves important, law enforcement computer systems also assist INS inspectors in their daily efforts to protect America' s borders.