assist at

assist (one) at

To help another person with something, usually in a medical setting. Who is going to assist me at the laparotomy this morning?
See also: assist

assist (someone) at something

to serve as a helper or assistant in some procedure. (This usually refers to a surgical procedure.) Will you assist at surgery this morning? I would be happy to assist you at the procedure.
See also: assist
References in classic literature ?
And Powell was the only one ready to assist at hand because Anthony (by that time) seemed to be afraid to come near them; the unforgiving Franklin always looked wrathfully the other way; the boatswain, if up there, acted likewise but sheepishly; and any hands that happened to be on the poop (a feeling spreads mysteriously all over a ship) shunned him as though he had been the devil.
You understand, of course, that it is within the province of my department to assist at all times and in any possible way the course of justice.
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