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assist (one) at

To help another person with something, usually in a medical setting. Who is going to assist me at the laparotomy this morning?
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assist in

To help with something. A person's name or a pronoun can be used between "assist" and "in." Who wants to assist me in this endeavor? My boss wants me to assist in this project, so here I am!
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assist with

To help with something. A person's name or a pronoun can be used between "assist" and "with." Who wants to assist me with this endeavor? My boss wants me to assist with this project, so here I am!
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assist in something

to help with something. May I assist in this? Please assist in this task.
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assist (someone) at something

to serve as a helper or assistant in some procedure. (This usually refers to a surgical procedure.) Will you assist at surgery this morning? I would be happy to assist you at the procedure.
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assist someone in something

to help a particular person working on a task. Please assist Greg in the committee's assignment. We assisted him in the whole procedure.
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assist someone with someone or something

to help someone manage someone or something, especially with lifting or physical management. Assist me with Jane, won't you? Will you assist me with this heavy box? Sally assisted herself with the math problem. She did it on her own.
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Although there have been cases where gas assist proved to be the only way to mold certain "impossible" parts, Dow's Tallmadge cautions that gas assist is not a panacea for molding problems.
CAE is giving people a higher confidence level in successfully using gas assist in creating a part, says Peter Medina, president of AC Technology North America.
7 assists in the first 11 appearances of his comeback to rejoin the race.
Prescriptions for ASC Medication Assist members will be fulfilled through drugstore.
ASC Medication Assist is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma and has been assisting patients in need for the past eight years.
Colin Vander Pluym added 33 assists and seven digs and Nick Patey had 11 digs and four aces for Saugus (15-8).
The Pioneers' offense was led by senior setter Danny Huynh, who had 23 assists and 12 digs.
Outside hitter Chad Krogh led the Centurions with 18 kills and teammate Anthony Frattali added 50 assists and two aces.
Scott Simons had 34 assists and Kevin Ellison registered 12 kills to lead the Rebels.
And he credits those assists and all the others - 70 in eight games - to teammates.
Setter Nino Loquellano had 37 assists while outside hitter Robert Kelly had two aces and six digs for Grant.
On defense, Trinity senior co-captain Brendan Timmins (Arlington, MA) collected eight goals and 12 assists while demonstrating great leadership on the ice, particularly during the Bantams' strong second half.
In the age of wireless personal safety devices, residents can signal emergencies or call for staff assists via remote smart systems that "talk" to each other potentially replacing the need for pull cords.
Tracey Milburn made two 3-pointers and finished with 20 points and five assists while Kelly Jaeger added 11 points (three 3-pointers) for the Musketeers (22-2).
Junior power forward Cameron Finch (Acton, MA) leads Trinity in goals, scoring 17 to go along with his 14 assists to date.