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assimilate (oneself/someone/something) into

To blend into; to merge with. Can you please help assimilate our new student into the class? I've assimilated your suggestions into the existing curriculum. Do you think Sam will be able to assimilate himself into the group? He can be pretty standoffish.
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assimilate with

To blend harmoniously into a group of people. Do you think he will be able to assimilate with his new class? He can be pretty standoffish. My sister is really outgoing, so she has no trouble assimilating with new people.
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assimilate someone or something into something

to cause someone or something to be absorbed into something. (As when a person or thing joins a group.) We sought to assimilate Arnold into the community. The manager had to assimilate the new policies into the list of current ones. They assimilated themselves into the general population.
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assimilate with some people

to join or mix in with people and become accepted by them. It's easy for Karen to assimilate with new people. I want to assimilate rapidly with the other people in my class.
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According to the score, boys students' prefer more Assimilator learning style than others learning styles.
In our sample, there is a good likelihood that an Assimilator is African American, that a Diverger is Asian American, that a Converger is white, and that an Accommodator is Hispanic or Latino.
We expected students with Assimilator and Convergor learning styles to perform better using a web-based PBL course design than students with Divergor and Accomodator learning styles.
Assimilators are analytical and excellent at organizing information.
It is her transformation of Spenser's wood, in a stanzaic form reminiscent of Spenser, that allows her to assimilate the American wilderness to her writing; one recalls that Spenser was himself a great assimilator of landscapes.
culture assimilator, a programmed instruction method that exposes trainees to specific incidents critical to successful interaction with a target culture
Moreover, while Fulcher's politically motivated interpretation of events has much to commend it--and she is clearly a widely read and first-rate assimilator of the discove ries of others (all fully credited)--musical detail is not her forte.
John Paizs is an assimilator of the detritus of popular culture.
Ex quo patet quod anima assimilator manui: manus enim est organum organorum, quia manus datae sunt homini loco omnium organorum quae data sunt aliis animalibus ad defensionem vel inpugnationem vel coopoerimentum: omnia enim haec homo sibi manu preparat; et similiter anima data est homini loco omnium formarum, ut sit homo quodam modo totum ens, in quantum secundum animam est quodam modo omnia, prout eius anima est receptiva omnium formarum; nam intellectus est quaedam forma receptiva omnium formarum intelligibilium et sensus est quaedam forma receptiva omnium formarum sensibilium"; CDA, 3, lc.
Essentially a brilliant decorator and a shrewd assimilator, with occasional flashes of inspiration, the artist was a quick study, learning from Ghiberti (this link discussed at length by Ahl), Masaccio, Filippo Lippi, Castagno, Domenico Veneziano, and Mantegna.
Now we are in the process of creating a data warehouse assimilator which can capture data from other storage points throughout the country, provide inventory and transaction information and coordinate orders from various distribution centers for shipment to the ultimate customer.
This technology -- Assimilator -- allows the P-NAP to determine which routes are connected to which backbones and to place all Seanet customer outbound traffic directly onto the destination backbone in one router hop.
But "paralysis by analysis" is an equally valid concern that executors feel about their assimilator colleagues.
With the addition of netVmg and Sockeye Internet routing technologies to Internap's proprietary ASsimilator platform, Internap now holds the dominant position in software patents and patents pending associated with intelligent route control.
Clab learning theory is based on the experimental learning theory including four convergent, divergent, assimilator and accommodator aspects.