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assess something at something

to estimate or value something at some figure. They assess the value of our house at half what it would sell for. The house was assessed at far more than its true worth.
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As complex multi-tiered partnerships were set up to create tax shelters, it became very difficult for the IRS to audit each partner within the assessment SOL to assess tax.
This helps assess the resources needed to complete the company-level controls effort in a timely manner and gauge the team's progress compared to expectations.
URAC assembles consultation teams that meet with Web site producers to review and assess the online information resources.
For environmental managers, Monte Carlo analysis provides a platform to assess both individual sites during transactions and those undergoing brownfields redevelopment.
While rehabilitation counselors are not trained as family therapists, counselors should be able to assess family dysfunction as it relates to rehabilitation adjustment issues and be able to make referrals to other qualified personnel (such as a clinical member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy).
3) Assess how recontacting participants to obtain informed consent for additional uses of their data affects participant comprehension, willingness to participate, and sense of coercion.
The ultimate goal of evaluation is to assess the impacts of libraries on patron's lives and the larger social milieu.
Satisfaction surveys were found to be deceptive by Cassileth, who found that customers can assess hospitals with considerable sophistication and objectivity prior to admission but revert to using affective qualitative terms once admitted.
Whether or not a standardized test is an appropriate means of gathering information for assessment depends primarily on the fit between the content of the test and the learning it is meant to assess.
Some of the more important SOLs deal with the time period during which the IRS may assess income tax against a taxpayer.
It is extremely difficult to assess digital library public services, especially online reference services, in part because we do not really know yet what types of demanded services will emerge from users of digital libraries as they settle into these new online environments.
This will improve enterprises' ability to assess their real security risks.
This action research project invites kindergarteners to assess their own learning.
Does the IRS have the authority to assess restaurateurs for employer FICA taxes related to workers' unreported tip income?
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will support longitudinal case studies designed to assess aggregate, nonoccupational exposures to pesticides in defined populations aimed at addressing important public health issues.