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assert (one)self

To display self-confidence and strength of conviction, typically in the pursuit of something. Melanie is always so timid—I'm shocked she was able to assert herself to the boss today. You need to assert yourself and tell her how you really feel!
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assert oneself

To act boldly or forcefully, especially in defending one's rights or stating an opinion.
See also: assert
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The nephew alternatively asserted that the acceptance of the three money orders either established a landlord-tenant relationship or created a waiver by the owner.
Specifically, the reasonable cause exception was enacted as part of the 1989 Act because of Congress's concern that the prior penalties (especially the substantial understatement penalty) were being unevenly and unfairly asserted by the IRS.
The plain language of the statute dearly indicates that the Tax Court has jurisdiction over a petition when a deficiency has been asserted and the taxpayer has elected relief under Sec.
Perhaps Marx indeed was correct when he asserted in his essay on "Theses of Feuerbach" that ".
It has been long asserted that Great Britain was Argentina's most important trading partner during the nineteenth century; the trade ties between the two countries were so close that Argentina was known as Britain's "Sixth Dominion.
Asserted Perkins, "The statement from someone who seeks the support of the pro-life community (and who once had Presidential aspirations) is very disappointing but not a surprise.
The parties have not asserted that any portion of the settlement payments is excludible from gross income under Sec.
Vallone asserted that the City Council was instrumental in creating what will be an effective City Department of Design and Construction.
Many clinicians have asserted that sexually traumatized children often retreat to altered states of consciousness (a process known as dissociation) and later prove more susceptible to hypnosis.
Thus, the taxpayer asserted that he could deduct the legal fees as expenses for the conservation of property held for the production of income.