gather into

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gather someone into something

 and gather someone in
to assemble or bring people into something or some place. The hostess gathered the children into the house just as the storm hit. She gathered in the children. Harry gathered them in before the storm.
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Understanding how virus shells assemble themselves also suggests new opportunities for therapeutic intervention.
Fox In 1958, Fox and Kaoru Harada showed that under primordial conditions, amino acids could assemble themselves into simple proteins.
Photo: The Kid Safe Infant Mattress System - a frame you assemble yourself, an adjustable mesh cover and a special ``breathable'' sheet - has been designed to help guard against Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).
Employees assemble the N-car (Pontiac Grand Am, Buick Skylark, Oldsmobile Achieva).
Tomalia and his co-workers assemble the innermost onion layer by linking a multi-limbed molecule called amidoamine (structurally related to the amino acid alanine) to each of the core's three branches.
It took Klis only one attempt, lasting about two months, to assemble molecules of CHZ-1 using techniques and machinery developed by Stewart and others.
NET and Microsoft BizTalk Server, Above All Studio makes it easier for enterprises to rapidly assemble end-user applications from existing IT assets, said Jon Temple, President and CEO of Above All Software.
But for those who do not need, or want, that full-service attention, and who are willing to invest the few hours needed to assemble the unit, they will have a quality product, have saved themselves a significant amount of money and will have a better understanding of how their cart operates.
Other genomes deposited into Genbank of this size and character, tend to assemble into many more supercontigs at this level of sequence coverage, primarily due to fewer long range mate pairs from large insert clones being generated in the shotgun phase.
In the crowded chemical brew of every living cell, molecular and atomic subunits find each other and assemble into functioning enzymes, ribosomes -- the organelles that link amino acids into proteins -- and other cellular occupants.
Active Voice will assemble and ship SymPhone Call Registry and SymPhone Call Connector servers to TeleSym customers worldwide.
Only in the last few decades has a staggering variety of synthetic materials emerged, by-products of our increasingly sophisticated picture of how atoms build into molecules and how these assemble into different materials, each with its own personality of combined properties.
Dynamic Communities are driven by the business operations to reflect the dynamic nature of how organizations quickly assemble, disassemble, and re-assemble communities of staff, partners and customers to drive business operations.
Getting a robot to assemble itself autonomously and actually perform a function has been a milestone we've been chasing for many years," says Harvard's Robert Wood, barely stifling a maniacal cackle, Extremetech reported.
PT Toyota Astra Motor, the brand holding sole agent for Toyota cars the plan to assemble the hatchback Toyota Yaris in Indonesia will be implemented this year.