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cast aspersions

To talk negatively or unflatteringly about someone or something. I'm sorry to cast aspersions on Julie, but her work ethic is really terrible. She hasn't handed one assignment in on time! Bill says that he doesn't want to cast aspersions on anyone, but he still talks badly about us all the time!
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cast aspersions on someone

to make a rude and insulting remark. I resent your casting aspersions on my brother and his ability! It is rude to cast aspersions on people in general.
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cast aspersions on somebody/something

to say that someone's character or work is bad When the exhibit of his paintings opened, some critics cast aspersions on both his art and character.
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cast aspersions on somebody/something

to criticize someone or someone's character His opponents cast aspersions on his patriotism.
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I wouldn't throw any aspersions on Sacramento at all,'' said Jackson, whose pregame media session was conducted in a darkened corridor.
I was deeply touched by the troubles of Prof Ayeni, but your prestigious magazine should not be used to cast aspersions on the secretary general, Don McKinnon, or bring the Commonwealth into disrepute by a self-perpetuating professional who only went to town with his allegations when he realised that his contract would not be renewed for another three years on top of the 13 years he had already served at the Commonwealth.
One method of waging war against the problem is by employing the "alternative-reporting" procedure that allows people to use an online form to report (anonymously and confidentially) any incident they believe casts aspersions against anyone in the "queer community.
The first episode is called Beast In Show and was recorded at a county fair, where a Shetland pony boasts about having three girlfriends and a chicken casts aspersions on the quality of the duck eggs.
And if we could continue, even before the news spreads beyond the scene of the tomb, already the naysayers step in to cast aspersions on the story.
Writers who ignore the distinction, as in the enormity of the President's election victory, or the enormity of her inheritance, may find that their words have cast unintended aspersions or evoked unexpected laughter.
Safdar Abbasi accused Zafar of being a ''turncoat'' and the minister retorted with an abusive word casting aspersions on the character of the senator and his wife, Nahid Khan, who is a member of the National Assembly.
To the rest of Europe, Britain has sometimes seemed an awkward member of the club, carping about the rules, resisting change and casting aspersions on everyone else.
Some Western diplomats have cast aspersions on the directorate's performance on intelligence matters.
It is 2002 and it is widely held that it is no longer legitimate to print stereotypical aspersions regarding Jews, Mexicans, African-Americans, homosexuals, etc.
The Brotherhood invoked the idea of shu'ubi (anti-Arab) to cast aspersions specifically at Nasserism (or Pan-Arabism) and Communism (Egypt and Iraq, at this time, had vibrant communist parties, with the Iraqi party by far the strongest in the region).
The existing structure doesn't have much incentive to invest in new ideas and radical concepts, and so it will cast aspersions on the first three people listed above.
In sessions held so far, some politicians have cast aspersions on the supreme law's enactment process, which was greatly influenced by GHQ, a term used to refer to the combined military headquarters in Tokyo of the Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers and the U.
Though their basic idea had been to make healthcare more accessible and affordable for various California labor unions, former physician colleagues cast aspersions on their characters; perhaps they were Communists
Syneron regrets that Thermage has chosen to compete in court rather than in the marketplace, and that Thermage has attempted to use the lawsuit to cast aspersions on Syneron's products.