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Two in a row and it begins to seem like someone's asleep at the switch.
Fortunately, Eugene theater companies are not asleep at the switch, and we spring-feverish stuck-in-towns have five good shows to choose from.
The worst are asleep at the switch, ineffective, and weak.
In a New York Times article, a former dean of the Yale School of Management noted that "the administration was asleep at the switch.
Schumer now argues that OTS was asleep at the switch, and that blaming him is like blaming 'the fire on the guy who called 911.
Greig Smith is asleep at the switch on the Sunshine Canyon Landfill.
Controversy Rages: Were Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) Loan Borrowers Asleep at the Switch or as Astute as Any Chief Financial Officer?
If Marvel and DC Comics aren't feeling the chill wind down the back of their neck, they're asleep at the switch.
We have an example here of government being asleep at the switch.
The courts, the government and shareholders are beginning to play hardball against board members who were asleep at the switch as their companies were committing massive accounting fraud.
This mayor has been asleep at the switch,'' Hertzberg said.
We have a mayor who has been asleep at the switch,'' Hertzberg said during a radio appearance on ``McIntyre in the Morning'' on KABC-AM (790).
Our nation is asleep at the switch when it comes to being able to handle a public health crisis caused by infectious disease, whether from nature or bioterrorism," said Poste.
There were a variety of concerns that could have been addressed at the time if someone had not been asleep at the switch,'' Greuel said.