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asked Ned, as they sat at supper, the first night after their arrival, eating of several dishes, the red- pepper condiments of which caused frequent trips to the water pitcher.
she asked, rising from her chair as she spoke to Louisa again.
And soon a black man came down out of the woods and asked them what they were doing there.
And, whenever he came, he asked me for a footstool.
Instantly a hideous genie appeared, and asked what she would have.
She asked him how he came, and what was his business there.
With this permission, which Don Quixote would have taken even had they not granted it, he approached the chain and asked the first for what offences he was now in such a sorry case.
The leave of absence Monsieur has asked for," replied the lackey.
Answer, sir," exclaimed he; "you have been asked politely, and every question is worth an answer.
Dorothy at once ran back to the cottage and found the oil-can, and then she returned and asked anxiously, "Where are your joints?
asked Dirk, in a voice so low it was almost a whisper.
The servant brought back his tumbler turned upside down,* with an unfinished bit of nibbled sugar, and asked if anything more would be wanted.
asked Dorothy, surprised to hear the rabbit attendant speak so disrespectfully of his monarch.
He asked if you were aware that one of your eyes is painted larger than the other," said the girl, mischievously.
asked Ojo, who was feeling solemn and joyless through thinking upon his uncle's sad fate.