ask down

ask someone down

to invite someone to come to one's home [for a visit]. (Usually said when someone must go to a lower level, travel south, down a hill, or into the country for the visit.) Sam asked us down for Friday evening. Shall we go? We asked down some old friends for the evening.
See also: ask, down
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standing inches tall can't about his Mooney insists: is mostly an usually ask down to the don't see it as a I always work as I can.
They love to play a bit of rugby and move the ball about, so we know it will be a tough ask down there.
They turned a home defeat around in the last round against Dynamo Moscow but that would be too big an ask down in London.
It will be a big ask down there, but we can win it - no doubt about that.
Just ask down the road, where does Mark Bowen coach now?
That's a good question to ask down Heathbrook way because if there is anything that is likely to excite the locals, it is the notion that they have no chance.
Just ask Down who went from holding a seven point lead with 15 minutes to go to suffering a four point defeat in their replay tie at Breffni Park last time out.
Ask down the pub for recommendations and talk to friends and find out about their experiences.