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ascribe something to someone or something

to attribute something to someone or something; to assert that something has been caused by someone or something. Please do not ascribe that attitude to my friends. We ascribed the offensive action to Jill and only Jill.
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You rear like a frightened colt, because I use a word to which your Christianity ascribes a deprecatory meaning.
Secondly and thirdly we may ascribe the rise of the new epic to the nature of the Boeotian people and, as already remarked, to a spirit of revolt against the old epic.
There, you always ascribe base, vile motives to me," she said with tears of wounded pride and fury.
To say the truth, every physician almost hath his favourite disease, to which he ascribes all the victories obtained over human nature.
The court was told that, as a result, Ascribe Ltd, which supplies IT solutions to the healthcare industry including the NHS and has a turnover of PS33m, had gone on to sell the company at a loss.
13, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- American Securities Opportunities Management LLC, the investment manager of the American Securities Opportunities Funds and an affiliate of American Securities LLC ("American Securities"), announced today that the firm and its funds have been renamed Ascribe Capital LLC ("Ascribe Capital") and Ascribe Opportunities Funds, respectively.
A part of EMIS Group PLC, Ascribe Ltd, has announced that it has acquired Indigo 4 Systems Ltd ("Indigo 4"), a major provider of specialised data display, integration and messaging solutions to healthcare organisations across Britain.
Ascribe extends integrated Pharmacy and Robotic IT systems to RoyalBolton Hospital
A new web-based IT solution has been implemented by Ascribe (AIM:ASP), a health IT Group, at the Pharmacy Department of Tameside General Hospital in the UK.
This is certainly true, but in order to ascribe proper meanings to the attitudes or habits of those in a "strange" culture, the researcher must externalize and evaluate her own attitudes and habits.
How long would the "invisible hand" stay invisible once you ascribe feelings, emotion and a conscience to it?
A homiletician once said that we must always ascribe the action verbs to God.
Geoffrey Dicks, of the Royal Bank of Scotland, said: 'I would ascribe a highish probability to a sharp housing fall, say 33 per cent.
Yet curators have been careful not to ascribe their interest merely to the work's startling formal similarities to modernist abstraction--even while her quilts have been compared by various critics to Bauhaus textile designs and the paintings of Alfred Jensen, Agnes Martin, and Hans Hofmann.
Nurses commonly ascribe nappy rash, feeding problems, loose stools, cold symptoms and smelly urine to teething.