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ascertain something from someone or something

to find out or learn with certainty information from someone or something. I need to ascertain some facts from you. A few facts have been ascertained from the interview.
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In order to ascertain the real character of the government, it may be considered in relation to the foundation on which it is to be established; to the sources from which its ordinary powers are to be drawn; to the operation of those powers; to the extent of them; and to the authority by which future changes in the government are to be introduced.
Your probity," replied the stranger, "is so well known to the prefect that he wishes as a magistrate to ascertain from you some particulars connected with the public safety, to ascertain which I am deputed to see you.
This was all the visitor wished to ascertain, or, rather, all the Englishman appeared to know.
Many of them reject the fruit altogether except at a particular period of its growth, which, incredible as it may appear, they seemed to me to be able to ascertain within an hour or two.
We might have spared one neck out of the three," muttered the driver, rubbing his ear and pulling his nose, to ascertain whether he had been cuffed or not.
It impelled him to ascertain the date at which the murder had been committed, and
I am extremely obliged to you, but before accepting so great a responsibility I must ascertain the sentiments of the people of Wayoff.
I shall send a Commissioner to ascertain the sentiments of the hogs.
His object was to ascertain the extent of the shock of departure, and not that of the return.
I have taken some pains to ascertain the degree of fertility of some of the complex crosses of Rhododendrons, and I am assured that many of them are perfectly fertile.
Of terrestrial mammals, there is only one which must be considered as indigenous, namely, a mouse (Mus Galapagoensis), and this is confined, as far as I could ascertain, to Chatham Island, the most easterly island of the group.
My only object in addressing myself to her was to ascertain if she knew what had become of Sir Percival.
The old man cast a keen eye on every side of him, to ascertain the important particular whether the stranger was supported by any associates, and then making the usual signs of peace, by exhibiting the palm of his naked hand, he boldly advanced.
Laura accompanied her mother to the door, clinging close to her all the way, until they arrived at the threshold, where she paused, and felt around, to ascertain who was near her.
Looking cautiously round, to ascertain that they were not overheard, the two hags cowered nearer to the fire, and chuckled heartily.