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It is as if Twombly makes avant-garde tomb sculpture, as though he has bronzed the practice of abstraction to signal its failed idealism.
TNG: You seem born to make your puppet films, as though you were making puppets and environments as children.
His scientific investigations and technical innovations (his renowned fussiness with the camera, as though to show it in action were his only concern) come to a dead end in an involuted and convoluted reflection of and on the self, the morbid turn inward, the chewing on the cud of the unconscious that invariably follows defeat.
7) The idea of synesthesia is central to this esthetic; it' as though Olitski wanted to render the experience of color as some far more intimate and indefinite exchange than seeing alone affords--as flavor or scent, perhaps.
It is an ephemeral she, who bridges time and gender and the vagaries of cultural conventions, a she who never judges but possesses each of her subjects as though to learn their secrets.
It's a trick, really: as you begin scanning the image, you naturally look from the top stripe and work down; but as you reach the bottom, you are led to see the bottom strip of the canvas as the step corresponding to where you are standing, and then it appears as though you are looking down the flight of stairs with the lowest ste corresponding to the painting's top stripe.
One feels that the paint has been patiently rubbed into the still-visible tooth of the canvas rather than laid on top of it, as though the evident mordancy of the imagery were assuaged by the bleak but forbearing tenderness of its execution.
Displaying 600 pages of writing in vitrines against the gallery walls as though they were drawings certainly frustrates some of the usual desiderata for reading poetry.
The paintings are muddy yet compelling, as though the artists were fixed on something they could as yet discern only "through a glass darkly.