as dull as dishwater

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(as) dull as dishwater

mod. very dull. Life can be as dull as dishwater.
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Particularly as I regard Shakespeare as being as dull as dishwater, and Mervyn does dull extremely effectively.
Now that she's starring in a self-penned movie comedy, ``Dirty Love,'' it's clear that McCarthy's wit is as dull as dishwater blond, even when fully unleashed.
A) Well I think EastEnders is as dull as dishwater, I'm not really into things like that I suppose.
Get real, Martina, women's tennis needs a bit of glamour or it would be as dull as dishwater.
com Tis for tank top, every Welsh man should have one along with those men who dress as dull as dishwater all year then whoops they seem to find a festive Hawaiian shirt all of a sudden.
Keep in mind, though, that you could be going out with a high-flying exec who's as dull as dishwater.